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Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture began as a small leather furniture gallery in Boone, North Carolina back in 1982. We have now been delivering quality leather furniture coast to coast since then and continued today.  In our beginnings we only sold the leather furniture line known as Leathercraft. Then and continued today they are viewed as one of the finest leather furniture manufactures in the world. It was a pleasure learning the ropes from such a prestigious line of leather furniture. North Carolina was the perfect place to start a furniture business. At that time most high quality furniture was made right in North Carolina.

 It was a perfect fit to be able to visit and actually carry work outside of the office and become friends with the folks who build our furniture. There is nothing better than putting a face with a name. This keeps us important to the folks that build our products and keeps us in close contact with the factories and those that make our leather furniture products with pride. No matter the size of the company we don’t have to jump through hoops for answers. Each of our sales staff has a contact they can call for any answer they need. Over 30 years of working together we know one another’s expectations, just another advantage to being THE leather furniture experts. Since that time we have added a few more leather furniture manufactures to our offerings. We are now more diverse with the leather furniture we offer, many lines in all price ranges and styles to choose from. Leather furniture manufacturers like, Bradington-Young, Classic Leather, McKinley, and McNeilly.  However, a huge part of our business still remains with Leathercraft. One thing you can count on with the resources we have is if you can’t find a color of leather that will work for you with our lines, you probably don’t need it. We have access to over 1000 different colors and types of leather from around the world. From a basic black cowhide to green calfskin you will find it from us. Furniture builders of recent have started taking key components out of furniture building to make it less expensive. Wellington’s fine leather furniture has held our high quality standards through the years and have been extremely fortunate that we have a tremendous following of loyal customers who expect and appreciate high end leather furniture. Folks know they can depend on us and expect the highest quality furniture from us at the very best price. See, were not like other stores that just sell a leather sofa here and there. Leather furniture is all we do and we sell a lot of it. Leather sofa sets, sectional sofas, leather club chairs and ottomans, sofa sleepers and even leather bar stools. This seriously works to our advantage. We get deeper discounts off of regular wholesale pricing; we are rewarded for our loyalty to the select few manufactures we have selected to build our leather furniture that carrier our name. So it’s a win – win situation for our customers and the designers that use our line for their clients. No project is too large or small. Bring it on!

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture Sends Leather Swatches For Your Viewing Free of Charge

Our leather swatches are sent free of charge so you can view the colors in your light, daylight and dark and try the spill test for yourself. The leather swatches we send are for color only. The fact that leather hides are not manmade the texture will be different throughout each and every hide. Some leathers always have consistent color while others have extreme variations. We know the history and characteristic of each and every pattern of leather we offer and can help you select the perfect leather for your lifestyle. Another service we offer to every customer is a current cutting leather swatch sent to you for your approval. This is a great way to see the current dye lot of the leather you have selected for your new leather furniture. So if the color is not quite right you still have time to change it before we begin production. Keep in mind leather is not manmade so each hide will be slightly different. Leather dye lots can vary up to four shades, we have set guidelines to prevent dye lots from being too far off of the master swatch. If the dye lot is too far off of the master swatch, that dye lot will be rejected. If exact color is an issue we always send you a current cutting to approve. Another service Wellington’s is able to offer. Just another example of why we are THE leather furniture experts. Wellington’s photographs each and every piece of furniture we manufacture. We keep a catalog library of the styles and colors our clients choose. This also gives you the opportunity to view your new leather furniture before we ship it so any changes you would like to see or make can be made in the factory before we deliver your furniture to your home. No surprises at the time of delivery. Our designer clientele really use this feature. Sometimes they don’t see exactly what they want until we begin production. Again this is a free service to any of our clients.

Custom Leather Furniture Is Our Forte

Custom leather furniture is what we do best. Wellington’s fine leather furniture is willing to change almost anything we have in our product line of leather furniture. Add length, remove length, add extra nail trim no request is too much. We have helped design leather furniture for commercial buildings, banks, hotels and cigar bars as well as homes in all 50 states and other countries all over the planet. Being in business for over 30 years, we have a long history and many loyal customers. Our leather furniture lasts so long that most folks grow tired of the color long before the furniture wears out. Something we hear so very often from our customers is that they bought from us many years ago and have now given their furniture to their children to begin their lives outside of the family home. We love these stories of how the furniture purchased from us just stays in the family and many of these leather furniture groups become family heirlooms. These stories from our customers are always nice to hear. Our designers are always available to help you with your custom furniture selection. No request is too much. If it can be done without compromising the comfort and quality, we will gladly fill all of your special requests. Comfort first then quality and cosmetics in that order. Why buy leather furniture from a store that sells everything from cloth sofas to wall pictures. Buy it from THE leather furniture experts. We know what styles work and what colors of leather look great with certain frames. Solid colors or mix and match embossed prints with contrasting welts. The sky is the limit! You are only limited by your imagination! Here is a great example of just how custom your new leather furniture can get, the Telluride sofa. Keep it simple or go all out.

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture Is Unique

In the leather furniture business, like most businesses, you are what you negotiate. Leather is sold by the square foot unlike fabric that is sold by the yard. Each hide will average approximately 50 square feet, while calfskins average less and bull hides average more. The whole hide must be purchased to get the best pricing. Because of the volume we do, we get the best pricing which is then passed onto you, our customer. Hides will contain insect markings, brands, urine burns and other markings from the environment in which the animal lived. We purchase a lot of our hides from Europe where the cows are actually herded by shepherds high in the hills above the insect line so these hides are very clean of brands or other harsh element remnants. These hides are premium. A wonderful thing about this is we are able to get a higher yield of square footage per hide so it actually takes less hides to make a sofa or leather sectional. Because of the premium quality these hides will just feel better and look better as they age. Our starting grade leathers (grade 1) are of much higher quality than other companies higher end selections. With our large discounts we have earned through the years we are able to pass these savings onto you. This is why we sell so many high grade leathers because you can buy the best from us for the same price as you would buy a lower grade somewhere else. Our price structure is fair; we work on a cost plus percentage. Discount leather furniture pricing is how were we able to grow and keep customers returning year after year. Wellington's is able to offer the highest quality leather furniture from American made furniture manufactures mostly based in North Carolina for over 35 years because we do it right. Leather furniture done right! We offer many lines in all price ranges. We also offer a clearance section and in–stock items ready for immediate delivery. Always free delivery to the lower 48 states.

Wellington’s Is A Family Business

We are a staff of all women designers and customer service. A mother and daughter team that love what they do. We are a family that works well together and have over 50 experience years in the leather business combined. When shopping for leather furniture make sure to check out Wellington’s fine leather furniture gallery before you buy anywhere else. Take advantage of our buying power, knowledge and very low pricing on only the best American made leather furniture your money can buy. From living room furniture to leather office furniture Wellington’s is your one stop source for high quality leather furniture that is made by hand and all covered under our limited lifetime warranties. 


Thank you Ms Stephanie .. chair arrived safely and now assembled .. wow ..cool and nice product.. am pleased.. delivery men were stuck in Corinth V.T., so delivery was a little late .. ..(you know due to the mtn conditions..) sorry for them -- such nice men from N.C. --(only negative ..duke and N.C. rooters.. go penn quakers!) so thanks and cheers to you and your company .. am sure to recommend you/all.. thanks .. 

Richard, VT 

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