The Best Leather Furniture Manufacturers: Quality Not Quantity

The Best Leather Furniture Manufacturers: Quality Not  Quantity 

At Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, we have been in business for nearly 35 years so we have seen leather manufacturers come and go.  When it comes to quality leather furniture, we strive to bring you only the best in quality and value.
This is why we are very selective with the manufacturers we work with.  
Sure, we could give you a wide variety to choose from, but what we believe in is QUALITY not QUANTITY.
The manufacturers on this list are among the best in the industry, which is why we trust them with our business, and in turn trust them to build our orders 100% with perfection and on time.  Only those select manufactures will Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture sell.
Here’s a quick look at each of them.

Bradington Young – Want every color imaginable?  Want domestic made leather furniture?  Then you need to check out Bradington Young Furniture.  They have been in the manufacturing of high‐end furniture since 1978.  

Their change in design staff has allowed them to be more versatile and appealing to shoppers of all generations.  They have a very big line of leather recliners and recliner chairs, making them one of your must‐stops should you be looking for recliners.  Recliners are their specialty, but you will find anything leather furniture within their catalog.
Classic Leather – Are you looking for quality built products right here in the United States?  That’s right, Classic Leather not only creates their masterpieces in the US, but they also do so by hand.
Each piece is built to your specifications in mind and they just happen to be the oldest leather upholsterer in the US.  Not only are they an American Company that does great work right here in the states, but they also employ several hundred employees right in North Carolina.
Need some leather furniture for your home?  No problem.  Need some for your office?  Can do.  Want to support a US company?  Look no further.
Hooker Upholstery – Wellington’s has considered Hooker Upholstery a favorite for years.  In fact, we believe in them so much that we have trucks delivering their goods on a weekly basis from coast to coast – for FREE.
Yes, whether you live in North Carolina or Northern California, we’ll ensure that you get your products right off the truck.  They are actually a division of Bradington 
Young, and while they are not competing against them, what they are doing is offering a larger line at a lower price that is manufactured offshore.
Lazzaro – Starting in 1939 as a leather tannery, Lazzaro knows leather.  In their furniture, they use only 100% US Cowhides.  Want something that looks just like some of the larger companies BUT at a much lower price?
Then you need to check out the lineup that Lazzaro has to offer.  You can expect to get the same expert precision and tailoring when you buy a piece from Lazzaro.  
Need more reasons?  Here is a BIG ONE – most orders that are placed are typically sent out within 24 hours and there’s no delivery charge.
Free delivery?  Yes, please!
Leathercraft – Viewed as one of the leaders in the leather furniture arena, Leathercraft has a huge product line.  Not only will you notice the high quality in their leather furniture pieces, but you will also get the same sense when speaking with the staff.
Many of the employees and staff from sales people to manufacturers have been working there most of their life.  
Quality goods from quality individuals – Is there really any more that needs to be said?  Here’s a bit more.  They have been in the business for over 40 years and produce some of the finest leather seating around.  In fact, their leathers offered are often unmatched in the industry.
McKinley Leather – From the rich and famous, to the everyday individual looking for leather furniture, you will find McKinley Leather will fit any leather needs that you have.  
They never ever cut corners on their products and it shows, as only quality products are delivered to your home or office.There is no need to wait for months for your order; when you order with us and order a McKinley product you can expect to get manufactured within three weeks.  If you want the best value in the leather marketplace, this is it.  No need to look any further.
McNeilly – Family owned and recipients of the award for Finer American Furniture Manufacturers, you’ll find the McNeilly line. They are considered middle to higher end, so not only can they serve the everyday person, but can also compete with some of the larger stores.  
What are you in the market for?  Need a sofa, loveseat, rocker chair or recliner?  If you do then McNeilly has you covered.  Have an unusual request to make?  No worries, they will take those as well.  
Here at McNeilly you will find quality leather sofas from one of the best leather sofa brands around.  
If you want that designer look, WITHOUT the designer price tag, then you need to give them a try.  You can expect your order to be fulfilled any where from 30 to 45 days no matter what part of the country you live in.
Omnia Leather – Wellington’s recently partnered with Omnia in 2015, but is pleased to announce being able to offer their premier lineup of furniture.  Their offerings are based off of European designs, so if that’s what you are after then you have just found it.  
Omnia thinks so much outside of the box, you’ll wonder why you never tried them before.  Try these on for size – how about a King size sleeper sofa?  Or how about 
ANY size sleeper sofa?  No more having to deal with one of those smaller twin size models, now you can get WHAT you want.
Here’s another – ever got stuck trying to get up and out of a recliner?  Yeah, that’s not a problem with Omnia.  They can make their recliners with a power lift to help anyone get up and out of a comfy recliner, though who would want to?
Palatial – If you have ever wanted to furnish your home with upper and higher end luxurious leather furniture, at a fraction of the cost then here is your chance.  
See something you like from their product line?  You can have your order to your home in just a matter of days or weeks depending on your location.
Want something a bit more specific and tailored?  No problem, just be prepared to wait at least 12 to 16 weeks for delivery.  Even at a longer wait time, it will definitely be worth it as you will be saving A TON of money.
Palliser – While headquarters are in Canada, many of the Palliser products are made outside of the US.  Their furniture appeals to a wide audience, from the younger couple moving into their first place together to the older family looking to replace furniture.
From sofas and loveseats made of 100% cowhide to other leather products, you will be sure to find something you’ll like from their product line.  Not only do they produce high quality leather pieces, but they can also offer you other pieces like tables and bedroom furniture.
If you are looking for a one‐stop shopping experience for all of your furniture needs, then you may want to take a closer look at all that Palliser has to offer.
Style Upholstering – Do you need some high quality bar stools for your room?  
From round bar stools to full back support, you’ll find all of your leather‐covered bar stool needs filled right here.
You can get swivel stools in tons of great colors, AND You’ll find only quality constructed padding, leathers and fabrics.
Wellington’s Heirloom Collection at FineLeatherFurniture.com ‐ Wellington’s Heirloom Collection is a collection of our best selling styles as well as our most popular top grain leathers.  We have left nothing out of this beautiful collection of modern and traditional pieces that are handcrafted in the foothills of North Carolina. 
Because of our volume we are able to offer our deepest discounts.  
Some Things To Think About 
We have taken the time to work with all of these companies individually and give you our stamp of approval on the manufacturers you see on the list above.  Below please find how we rank these manufactures.  
They all vary as far as prices, turnaround times and different materials and pieces of furniture, but for all of your leather‐upholstered needs, you will find something you’ll like from many of them.
Your own needs and wants will vary, which is why we like to offer a wide variety, BUT not too much of a variety as we only want to bring you manufactures that will offer you the highest quality at the best prices.
Just some things to think about as you decide on a manufacturer:
● How long do I want to wait for my furniture to arrive?
● Do I want something a bit more customized?
● Do I want various colors to choose from?
● Do I need more than just a sofa?  Do I want things such as sofa beds or even dining tables?
● How much do I want to spend?  How much do I have to spend?
As you answer these questions, you’ll be able to start to weed out the manufacturers that you want to keep on your list, and the ones that don’t fulfill your specific needs and wants.
One thing is for sure though, here at Wellington’s you will find something that you will like and will suit your quality leather furniture requirements.
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I ordered the in stock group as shown and its perfecct.  The color and look are exactly what you show online.  The quality for the price is excellent.  

Sally, NJ 

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