Leather Furniture Shoppers Beware

We all want to think that everyone is honest and that if a business has an A+ BBB rating then they must be on the up, right? Well that is not always the case. I just found myself spending my extra time trying to locate interior shutters for a room in my home. I decided to purchase them online because with work, kids, grandchildren and the dogs who has time to go around looking. This is not unusual because I buy most things online. So, I began a project that ends up taking way too long!

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My Leather Sofa Is Falling Apart...

Almost every day our phone rings with consumers having issues with seems splitting, pillows loosing shape, leather cracking and cushions sagging. Each and every person on the other end of the line insists they bought a high end leather sofa and it’s falling apart. But let me be clear, they were mistaken and really did not purchase the quality they thought. They bought their leather furniture elsewhere and call us for help with problems they are having now after the fact.

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Leather Colors For Your New Leather Furniture

First things first, the smaller the swatch the darker the color. Looking at leather swatches is similar to viewing a paint swatch at the paint store. When you view it in a small swatch sample size the color will appear darker than it will actually appear on your wall. Try a sample on your wall and watch it lighten up. So the small leather swatch you are looking at will be a few shades lighter when placed onto the frame for making your leather sofa or loveseat. When choosing a color for your new leather furniture set take a look at the colors. View them in daylight and dark in your home to see how well they blend with what your have now. If this is the starting point in your room that’s even better. Either way always choose a color you like a lot.  Well-made leather furniture will become a family heirloom, so you see why your color choice is so important.

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Leather furniture color trends….What’s ahead for 2015

Brown leather still dominates, but other colors are moving up. Leather suppliers try to keep the most popular shades of leather in stock for furniture manufactures. For years now these have been different variations of browns but as of late they are beginning to bring red and gray into the stocked inventory as retailers are seeing a study incline in sales of these colors. While no one is predicting that brown is about to be unseated from the top spot, many believe these alternative colors will continue to chip away at browns popularity.

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3 Simple Tips for Leather Furniture Care

Leather furniture requires little maintenance. Just a few times a year you should give your leather furniture extra attention. Always dust leather furniture sets when you dust your wood furniture. Use only a clean cloth for doing this. Make sure that the cloth you use is free of any other cleaning agents. Products used for cleaning other household furniture should not be used on your leather furniture. These cleaners have ingredients like alcohol and other harsh agents that will actually break down the surface of the leather and void any warranty. Remember you bought leather furniture for easy maintenance and longevity don’t overdo it.

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Furniture Manufacturing

Construction Features

American made right here in North Carolina in the heart of furniture country, Wellington's Furniture uses the finest of materials combined with pride of craftsmanship to produce their fine leather furniture. Our commitment to quality doesn't stop with the outside of the furniture.  We insist that all twenty key points of construction below are followed on the inside of our product as well as high tailoring and pattern matching standards on the outside to assure you of years of comfort and pleasure.

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  • Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

    Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made*.   

    • Classic Leather
    • Leathercraft
    • Palliser*
    • Omnia Leather
    • Palatial*
    • McKinley Leather
    • Bradington Young
    • McNeilly
    • Hooker Upholstery*
    • Lazzaro*

    *Import Collection


You guys do business the old fashioned way and I like that.  I was always able to talk to the same person and she was always so helpful.  I am passing your information onto anyone I know that wants leather furniture.  

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