Cushion Options

Select your cushion from these choices. The Spring Down cushion is standard on most styles, all other seating options are available at an upcharge. Please contact us or call 800-262-1049 if you have any questions.


Spring Down Cushion
Spring Down

Cushions consist of a 4 1/2" Marshall coil unit encased in foam. The cushion is then wrapped with a low melt fiber on top and bottom. The spring down cushion is then surrounded by a down-proof ticking filled with a luxurious blend of down, feathers, and fibers. This cushion is designed to provide superior comfort combined with greater resiliency. 



HR Foam
High Resiliency Foam

A high resilient polyurethane foam core wrapped in a layer of poly fibers. The fiber wrapped core is then topped with a channeled envelope generously filled with virgin polyester fibers encased in a down proof ticking providing a slow release for the occupant. Recommened for a firm, harder feel and support. 


Premiere Down
Premiere Down

Constructed of a two tier foam foundation. The bottom layer is firm for lasting support and the top layer is soft for sink into comfort. The cores are then wrapped in a down proof ticking filled with a generous blend of down, feathers, and fibers. This cushion is designed to "Relax and Puddle' for a luxurious, lived in look that compliments the more casual styled offerings.