When it comes to making a purchase, leather furniture sets are not very different than other items.

Whether you're getting a new car or new furniture, there are bound to be extra costs you are not aware of.

To make a smart purchase, you have to watch out for hidden fees and other buyer traps.

Here are tips that will support you in your quest for buying the best quality furniture at the lowest prices.

leather furniture sets

Want to Customize Your Leather Furniture Sets?

Be prepared for extra costs, then. Let's say you've found a good sofa to complement your living room. But maybe it's not perfect, so you'd like to make adjustments.

Some people have a strong personal taste and will always find something they'd like changed about their furniture.

There's nothing wrong with that. You can potentially change any of the following to suit your needs:

  • The frames
  • The fabric type and coloration
  • The color and style of the legs and arms
  • The number of pillows (on sofas, for example)

The possibilities are numerous; you just have to discuss them with your seller. But always take the cost of the customization into account.

Factor in the Furniture Insurance

To protect your investment, many companies will offer you a safeguard plan for your leather furniture sets. Of course, they're not mandatory, but well worth the cost.  Most of these plans will cover your new leather furniture from top to bottom.

If you feel you can take care of the repairs or maintenance should something go wrong, ask the company not to include the plan in the final offer.

Some companies offer leather protection programs. They cover only defects or damages done to the leather.  Don't waste your money on these if you want a full service plan like Guardsman, that offers extensive coverage.  

That might be useful for families with pets or small children. If you want to save the extra cash, it helps if you know how to clean spillages and other dirt off of leather.

Consider How the Furniture Will Be Delivered to Your Home

If you're able to carry your leather furniture sets home by yourself, you're golden. Otherwise, you should prepare for any delivery costs involved.

Be sure to ask at the very beginning whether the company has any such fees. For example, Wellington's offers free delivery for their products. Others might charge to provide that service.

You should also consider the following as they will weigh in on the final delivery bill:

  • The distance from the store to your house. The larger the distance, the likelier it is for the cost to go up.
  • Accessibility to your home. If the truck of the moving team can't easily access your yard, or if they can't get the furniture inside easily, they could charge extra.
  • Disassembly fees. If your furniture is too heavy to move, for example, it needs to be taken in piece-by-piece. Some companies might require additional payment for this service.

leather furniture sets

Once the furniture is set up nice and cozy, you can enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Until you get to that point, there are several other factors to consider in your decision - maybe too many to list in a single article.

It's a shame you can't have a complete guide that can make the whole process easier, isn't it?

Well, now you canDownload our free guide today and never worry about how to buy quality leather furniture again!