Brown leather still dominates, but other colors are moving up. Leather suppliers try to keep the most popular shades of leather in stock for furniture manufactures. For years now these have been different variations of browns but as of late they are beginning to bring red and gray into the stocked inventory as retailers are seeing a study incline in sales of these colors. While no one is predicting that brown is about to be unseated from the top spot, many believe these alternative colors will continue to chip away at browns popularity.

Leather furniture requires little maintenance. Just a few times a year you should give your leather furniture extra attention. Always dust leather furniture sets when you dust your wood furniture. Use only a clean cloth for doing this. Make sure that the cloth you use is free of any other cleaning agents. Products used for cleaning other household furniture should not be used on your leather furniture. These cleaners have ingredients like alcohol and other harsh agents that will actually break down the surface of the leather and void any warranty. Remember you bought leather furniture for easy maintenance and longevity don’t overdo it.

Be sure to always measure for new furniture. For comfort reasons and to make sure it will fit into your home. It’s really important to remember a sofa bed and recliners as well as home theater seating require additional floor space when reclined. Most outside dimensions when they are provided by manufactures are taken at the outside widest point. If you are ordering handmade furniture keep in mind published dimensions can vary up to four inches of any published spec.  

Buying furniture can be time consuming and stressful. Not all couples are able to agree on style or color for their new living room sofa set. Here are a few things to look for and terms that can help while trying to find the perfect furniture group. Hopefully before you hit the computer or start driving to shop this will be helpful and take some of the stress out.

Choosing leather furniture should be fun and not a hassle. Don’t just click and add a piece of furniture into your shopping cart. Understand what you are buying. After all, leather furniture is a big ticket item and why would you buy leather furniture from a store that sells everything from beds to pictures when you can spend less time and money at a leather specialty store?

Leather Club ChairNothing Is More Relaxing Than Resting In A Comfortable Leather Club Chair

Here’s a little history about the club chair. The club chair appeared in France at the start of the 20th century under the name easy chair. The term club may be a reference to the gentlemen’s clubs existing at that time in the French and English colonies.

A club chair is a type of armchair, usually covered in leather. The first were created and made in France. The craftsmen involved in the design of the chair were unknown. A club chair is described as an upholstered chair with low backs and arms. Club chairs can be used with or without a matching ottoman.

Our laws here in the USA don’t really protect or help you when making a decision about buying real leather furniture. False advertising is rampant in the leather furniture industry. I don’t really want to point the finger to go as far to say folks are deliberately selling you leather furniture that is really not all leather but its happens every day.

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