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Fitting a Sectional Sofa Into a Small Space? How a Chaise Can Help


Whether you live in a small space by choice or because of circumstances, one thing is for sure: They aren’t always easy to furnish. 
Not only are you limited to how much you can fit into each room – you’re limited to the size of your furniture pieces.  
This can make shopping for furniture difficult, especially when you have a specific piece in mind – like the awesome sectional sofa you’ve been eyeing lately. 
If you’re like most people, though, you probably put the idea of a sectional out of your mind. There’s no way something like this would fit in your small space, right?
Actually, we like to think anything is possible. You just have to think outside the box a bit. 

Why We Love Sectional Sofas So Much

What’s so great about a sectional? 
Put simply, they’re incredibly comfortable. And there are multiple reasons for this. 
The sectional is most typically designed with comfort in mind. Therefore, the cushions on the back and seat are often overstuffed. The material used to cover the sectional is also incredibly comfortable, making them the seating option of choice for most families. 
Another reason we love sectionals is because some of them have a reclining feature so you have the choice to sit or lie back. In the lounging position – they’re the epitome of comfort. 

How a Chaise Can Make a Sectional Sofa Work Despite a Small Space

When most people imagine a sectional sofa, they think of an overstuffed piece of furniture which fills at least two walls. While this is pretty much the standard for sectionals, its overall design has been adjusted over the years to fit a variety of style and space specifications. 
Enter the sectional sofa with a chaise. This design gives you the comfort of a sectional, but doesn’t use up all of your living space. 
Over time, the chaise has had a few makeovers, but the idea remains the same: A space where one person can stretch out in comfort. 
Recently, the chaise has been added to several varieties of sectional sofas. There are those which are perfect for an exceptionally large living room, often have a sofa section on two sides and then a chaise on the other. 
For smaller spaces, designers have come up with a couple different options. 
For example, there’s the three-cushioned sofa, where the third cushion has actually been made into a chaise. This option is lovely and fits in well with most aesthetics. 

How to Make Sure You Get the Perfect Sofa for Your Space 

When you have a smaller room to work with, you must approach your furniture choices in a very careful manner. Here are some things to watch for to make sure you get the right sofa. 
Measure, then re-measure. There’s nothing worse than ordering a gorgeous piece of furniture and finding out it won’t fit in your room. Measure the room, as well as the doorways to ensure you can get the sofa in through the door. 
Think about how you want to use your space. If the room is multi-functional, filling it with a sectional might not be the best idea. If, though, you want it to be a comfortable sitting room – a sectional is probably a perfect fit. 
Blend your colors. If you’re worried a sectional might make your room look even smaller, consider purchasing a sofa which is the same color as your walls. A light sofa and lighter walls can actually make your room look bigger. 

It Is Possible to Have the Furniture of Your Dreams with Some Ingenuity 

At times, finding the right piece of furniture for your space can seem impossible. But with some ingenuity and time spent searching, even a person with a small space can find a sectional they love. 
You may have a small space, but if there’s a piece of furniture you really, really want, don’t give up on it just because of limited square footage. 
We’ve seen plenty of furniture designers and manufacturers make furniture which caters to smaller spaces, especially with the tiny house movement. 
So, take some time to do some searching and talk to some furniture experts. Before you know it, you’ll end up with a sofa you’re in love with.  
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