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The Correct Way To Measure Your Room For A Sectional Sofa

Can Your Room Hold A SectionalYour family has grown and now you need more seating in your main living space or den. Will a leather sectional sofa fit? The big question now is will any sectional sofa fit?

First: Decide how many seats you would like to have for family, friends etc… Considered the ideal number of seats for your needs and space.

Then: Decide if the sectional will be best placed against a wall, free floating in your room or if you would like to use this furniture as a room divider.

Now that you have addressed those issues and have made your decision a sectional sofa is the way you want to go for your new furniture, measuring is the next step.

Outside dimensions provided by furniture manufactures are at the outside widest point. This is the dimension of the footprint a piece of furniture will take up of your floor space.

Sectional sofas are ordered facing NOT SITTING. When ordering a sectional you stand in front of the space and decide which pieces based on your dimensions will work.

So let’s say you have decided to use your sectional free floating in your room to get even more of your money’s worth by also using it as a room divider. It’s best to clear your space, if you can, and in front of the empty area see if the dimensions you get will allow for the number of seats you need. If these two factors do not work out, then perhaps you can look at another area in your room to place the new sectional sofa. If they do work out, then the first of your questions have been answered and the spot is chosen.

Do I Have The Room For A Sectional Sofa?

Measuring for new furniture can be done several different ways. I always say measure twice and order the right size only once. If you are able to clear the area you have chosen for your new sectional then you will have an easier time getting your measurements. Here are the ways we find to be the most effective for you both visually and accurately for the room your new furniture will take up. Keep in mind if the new furniture will be placed underneath or in front of a window you don’t want your height to take away from your view if that is important to you. For those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest it is so important. Not only is our view of the water and the mountains so beautiful but it is equally important not to block the window for the sunshine factor.

Masking Tape, newspaper cute to size or the best is to cut cardboard to the published outside dimensions and place it on the floor in the area you would like to use the sectional. This will also help you with the visual because it will be heavier to your eyes than just a piece of tape.

The Correct Way To Measure For A SectionalMost sectional sofas are sold in pieces and that is good for deliveries. However, if you have any restrictions or obstructions for your new furniture delivery they should be worked out before the delivery men arrive at your home. Take the cardboard cut outs and actually start at the door the furniture will come into your home and try to get them to the space where it will be kept. If it doesn’t go in straight, then turn it just as a mover would to make sure each piece can fit from the door to where it will be resting.

Now that you are equipped with all your dimensions, number of seats you can use you can start shopping and make the most of it. Whether you are shopping locally or using the convenience of shopping online remember order your new sectional sofa facing and rest assured now that you have taken these few steps your furniture will fit safe and sound into your room.

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