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5 Leather Furniture Manufacturers That Set the Pace in Leather Quality

Leather Furniture Manufacturers

There are many Leather Furniture Manufacturers out there that keep selling the idea they use the best materials in their products.

Unfortunately, the best doesn't always mean top quality. There are actually a few ways to tell if the furniture you like is worth its price. You can follow the steps we recommend in understanding what makes the best quality leather.

The guide will help you decide if you are making the right decision. One other way is to stick to leather furniture manufacturers that set the quality pace in this industry.

Let's find out who they are.

1. Bradington Young

They are a division of the long-lasting Hooker Furniture, currently aiming to diversify their products. Now they have a vast selection of pieces that appeal not only to the traditional furniture buyer but also to the younger more trendy shopper.

You will still get a quality piece from this team of leather furniture manufacturers. Their color pallet starts from primary and pastel colors to any natural nuance you can think of.


Their products are also durable. They use engineered hardwoods instead of solid hardwoods in their frame construction.

2. Classic Leather

Classic Leather is the oldest upholstery specialist in the United States. They offer an extensive range of leather types for their furniture. From protected finishes to pure aniline and even dozens of premium distressed brown leathers.

You just need to know what you want for your home or office. We can help you choose from their many products.

3. Hooker Upholstery

They are the leather furniture manufacturer that offer quality leather furniture for a decent price.

Most of their top grain leather pieces come in hues of browns and burgundies. They are the top most sought-after leather furniture colors in today’s market.

When buying pieces from them, Hooker Upholstery offers varing price points by having upholstery options depending on the piece.  Your options are:

  • All top grain leather everywhere
  • Leather/vinyl
  • Top grain leather inside the seat and back and a split hide on the outside surfaces.

4. Lazzaro

Lazzaro is one of the leather furniture manufacturers that uses 100% US cowhides. That means they offer quality and fewer defects.

Here are some popular furniture pieces (in all the most popular colors) customers get access to by purchasing from Lazzaro:

  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Cocktail ottomans
  • Swivel tub chairs,
  • Recliners
  • Leather desk chairs
  • Sectional sofas

That's quite the selection now, isn't it?

5. Leathercraft

Leathercraft has an expansive product line with thousands of leather choices. They exceed any other leather furniture manufacturer's diversity.

leather furniture manufacturers

Their pieces tend to be a bit pricey, but you can get them from our shop at large discounts.

Their leather specialists give you the freedom to customize Leathercraft's products. That way you'll have the exact piece you need a with the top quality leather from around the world.

Which Leather Furniture Manufacturers Should You Choose?

Depending on what piece of furniture you are searching for, one of these five leather furniture manufacturers will have what you need.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to make the decision process much easier.

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