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Tips For Buying The Perfect ReclinerSo, you are in the market for a new recliner? Fabric, leather? Which is going to give me the biggest bang for my buck? Facts confirm that eight out of ten recliners sold are upholstered in leather. Not bonded leather, not pleather, but real genuine top grain cowhide leather. There are several things to consider when shopping for a recliner. In this article, we will discuss the important things to look for while shopping for the perfect recliner chair.

What You Need to Know About Recliners

You will find as you look for a recliner that there will be a chair that everyone can agree on. The pushback recliner is very popular as it does not appear to be a recliner unless it is reclined. Unlike a recliner that has an inside or outside button or handle that is obvious to others.

The three most important things people shop for are price, quality and comfort. A recliner can bring relaxing comfort and personalized style to you home. Recliners can be relaxed or sophisticated or both but comfort is key. A recliner can be classic traditional or urban modern. Your perfect recliner will reflect you and your style.

 Things To Consider When Shopping For A ReclinerThings To Consider When Buying A Recliner Chair

A recliner can be your best friend or your enemy if you don’t make the right choice. My husband has told me that once a day he thinks about getting home from work and relaxing in his favorite leather chair (his Recliner). He eats, sleeps, watches TV, checks his email all from his recliner chair, it is his throne. These chairs have a purpose and functionality that only a recliner conveys.

Since you, like Chris, might spend just as much time in your recliner, it is extremely important that it is sturdy. Make sure you check out the engineering of the chair and the quality of the mechanism. That quality level will determine how long you can expect it to last. Something I always try to convey is it does come down to you get what you pay for. Pay cheap, get cheap. Quality is king when it comes to moving parts. Another consideration for your new recliner is do you want manual, power or a battery pack. Most better made recliners are available with all three options (style permitting). Here’s the difference.

Manual – Usually three positions. Sitting straight (seated position), TV which is when the footrest is raised and you are reclined at about 45 degrees, and then you have full recline. The movement is based on the position of your bum so get it good and towards the back for balancing the weight of the chair. Characteristically, you are unable to stop between those three positions.

Power – This has all the positions mentioned above but works with a inside or outside button or handle. This option allows you to stop anywhere that feels comfortable to you from slightly reclined to a full laid out position.

Battery Pack – This feature is perfect for floating your leather recliner in your room. No need for a power cord. The battery pack will work for approximately 200 open and closes of your recliner and is rechargeable and able to work even in a power outage. This option like the power will allow you to find comfort from an upright sit to a full recline.

The Difference Between Recliners

A leather recliner can be sharp and sophisticated. If you are using stripes or solids to cover your new recliner it can be pretty and practical. Recliners come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional wing back to a puffy pillow back. There are numerous options for your new recliner chair. If you like the look of a chair with an exposed wooden leg or high leg recliner you will not be able to glide or swivel, you will only be able to recline. To have a recliner that has the features of a swivel, glide or rocker the mechanism must sit flat on the floor rather than on wooden legs. This brings us to the different types of recliners available:

Rocker Recliner – This chair will rock and recline.

Glider Recliner – A glider recliner will glide front to back and often is available with the swivel feature together. This would be a swivel glide recliner.

Wall Hugger – This is the perfect option when you are tight on space. These types of recliners can sit within just a few inches from your wall and open with a mechanism that moves forward away from your wall still allowing you to full recline. These are available with power or manual.

Power Lift – A specialty chair that older folks tend to use for ease of getting up and down. This is the perfect chair for seniors with mobility restrictions.

Push Back – This type of recliner has no handle or buttons, just push back using the arms to stop at any of the three standard positions. Seated, TV Position or Full recline.

Chaise Lounge - These are recliners that have a solid seat surface that continues to the footrest, a continuous piece of material that your recliner is made from. You will not have a break between the seat and footrest. This is instead of a box seat cushion.

What Should a Recliner Cost?

It depends on where you shop. Recliners can be found on the cheap or they can be very expensive. The mechanism is a large part of the cost of the chair. There are mechanisms made to last for a short period and hold very little body weight while there are others made much more sturdy and made to last for decades. Typically, you will find the cheaper mechanisms are used on cheaper quality upholstery. The inner is made to last like the outer fabric. No reason to use one that will outlast the other. The average recliner should be able to hold the weight of a person that weighs up to 250 pounds. For a person, heavier than that they should look to a custom furniture company that can beef up the frame and order a heavy-duty mechanism. 

Recliners- A Buyers GuideThe Most Popular Recliner Color

The most popular color for recliners is a solid not a print. The most popular color is any shade of brown and leather is far more popular than fabric. As mentioned before, eight out of ten recliners sold are upholstered in leather. Top grain cowhide is the most durable and most popular. Leather is the perfect material for ease of cleaning, durability and comfort. There is nothing better than pushing back and relaxing in real leather furniture. Leather is a sharp look and sophisticated choice for the most discriminating buyer. The best choice for folks with allergies, leather does not hold dust or odors and it the easiest to clean.

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