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How to Choose the Perfect Leather Bar Stool

1st things 1st – Be sure to choose the right height. Make sure you let us know which you need bar or counter height when you place your order. Getting stools that are the right height is crucial. If the bar stool is too short, your arms won’t rest comfortably on the counter. If your stool is too tall, your legs won’t fit under the counter. The ideal height of bar stool seats is 10 to 12 inches shorter than the height of the counter or bar at which they will be used.

You don’t sit down on a bar stool you sit up on a bar stool. And that seems to make all the difference. Folks sitting on stools seem to be much more lively and talkative. But stools, whether at a bar in your basement or around the island in your kitchen, still will create a casual, relaxed mood. Adding bar stools or counter stools can add a lot of fashionable energy to a home.

Bar stools are well suited for cocktail parties and holding gatherings when no one wants to establish themselves in one location too long but would like to sit for a short time. Fortunately Wellington’s has dozens of styles and hundreds of fashionable colors for bar stools and our design staff is eager to help you select the perfect style regardless of your homes décor.

Our entire bar stool collection is made from sustainable solid hardwoods that are forested in North Carolina. All of our frames are made by hand. All of the leathers we offer on our quality leather bar stools is top grain and our fabrics are all scotch guard treated. Buying leather furniture from the factory direct furniture store allows you to make your bar stools custom and truly personal to your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for contemporary bar stools or traditional styles we have what you are looking for. For example the more contemporary shopper would not be looking for a nail trim while the traditional furniture shopper would. Contemporary usually implies softer more pastel color choices while the traditional home tends to lend itself more to the primary color choices. But black is always basic for any application and sometimes the perfect choice because every room needs black somewhere to ground it. Whether you are looking for contemporary and sleek design or a hand carved design we have what you are looking for.

You need to determine what kind of features you need with your bar stools. Most people find leather to be the most durable and comfortable to sit on and with less maintenance followed by fabric and then wood.

Do you want arms or not? How about the base, do you want your bar stool stationary facing in only one direction or would you rather have it swivel so you can comfortably talk to those behind you? Then what about a place to rest your feet? Just wood or a brass or pewter kick plate?

It sure does seem like a lot to think through but when buying quality furniture like bar stools you know they will last a long time. Our knowledgeable designers and sales staff are here to help with all your custom furniture planning. A bar stool done right can be an admired furniture addition to any home.

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture has over 50 bar stools for you to choose from and hundreds of leather/fabric colors and wood finishes along with dozens of nail trim options. We also often have bar stools not only in our leather furniture gallery but also in our clearance furniture section or in stock ready to be delivered.

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