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Bradington Young: The Luxury of Leather

When a family business has managed to stay relevant in the industry for 38 years, you know they're doing something right.

Might it be the fact that they never strayed from their "Build high-quality products for a fair price" slogan? In case you haven't noticed, we're talking about Bradington Young, the leading luxury leather furniture provider.

If you're curious to find out how they managed to deliver excellent results for so long, you're in the right place.

The Bradington Young Way of Making Clients Happy

In this age of instant solutions, the Hickory, North Carolina-based manufacturer stands out. Its old-school way of building top-quality items seems to pass the test of time.

Bradington Young is now a household name mainly due to its:

  • Three generations of in-house artisans
  • The quality of prime materials - being a division of Hooker Furniture ensures that the selection of leather and fabric is as diverse as it gets. Also, the frames are made from laminated hardwood.
  • A thorough inspection of every production stage.
  • Aln up-to-date stock of leather in dozens of styles and types
  • The best polyester fibers and Velcro for the comfort in the back cushions
  • Specialists with more than ten years of experience. They're not just good at their job, but dedicated professionals who are skilled artisans. No machine could replace the passion they put into creating the Bradington timeless furniture items.
  • Heavy-Duty recliner systems that are not just made for mass production
  • Use of 3D design in the projection phase
  • A "no shortcuts" approach

As you can see, crafting your furniture is a long-term process based on customer happiness for these artisans.

The result? Stunning pieces that endure years of use and can even be considered family heritage.

The Proof: Four Pieces to Win You over Instantly

Interior design trends come and go, like any other. Luxury leather furniture is, however, time-proof.

And if you own a Bradington Young piece, you can rest assured it will look exquisite anywhere.

To prove that, we selected four Bradington pieces from our store.

Let's start with this sophisticated Juno leather cocktail ottoman.

bradington young

A feature that sets it apart is, of course, the "hair-on-hide" combination. This piece can add a distinguished and singular look to your living room. 

Another testimony to the Bradington refinement is the Erie Leather Chair. It will make your den or library look lights-out professional and inviting.

bradington young

In case you're more of a minimal decor fan, Bradington Young creates items like the Zadie Leather Chair.

bradington young

The color, the sharp angles, and the unique stitching in the back are details that offer finesse and personality to any contemporary space. 

Have you ever wished an interior design magazine wrote about your living room? If you own this stylish Madigan Leather Sofa, you might just get a call from a design columnist.

bradington young 4

Or, at least, your space will always look picture-perfect.

The delicate lines of this sofa are the perfect premises for a delicate yet striking impression.

Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture and Bradington Young have been in a long-lasting partnership. That's why we can guarantee for the ultimate quality and dedication for every Bradington item.

To get further information and pricing details, give us a call. And prepare for one of the smartest and best-looking investments you can make.

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