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How to Select the Best Leather Club Chair

Leather Club ChairNothing Is More Relaxing Than Resting In A Comfortable Leather Club Chair

Here’s a little history about the club chair. The club chair appeared in France at the start of the 20th century under the name easy chair. The term club may be a reference to the gentlemen’s clubs existing at that time in the French and English colonies.

A club chair is a type of armchair, usually covered in leather. The first were created and made in France. The craftsmen involved in the design of the chair were unknown. A club chair is described as an upholstered chair with low backs and arms. Club chairs can be used with or without a matching ottoman.

Where Can I Buy a Leather Club Chair?

Today’s club chairs are found in both traditional and modern designs. Both designs usually have a square seat (box cushion) and a low back. You will find with the more modern chair the back is the same height as the arms and with the traditional style the back is a few inches higher than the arms. You can also find leather club chairs in smaller sizes with more of a round seat. Your club chair choice is what works best for your body type and homes décor. Wellington’s offers a variety of high quality leather chairs at very reasonable prices.

The 20th century, especially the art deco period saw changes in the club chair. They started to show more modern lines as well as adding to traditional ones. Like most things, the tables have once again turned and now the traditional leather chair is back in style big time. Tufted furniture once only used in a traditional setting is now becoming more of the norm in a modern home. It’s in style in a big way! Hand-tufting is an art. Don’t buy cheap as that could be problematic in the future. Real hand-tufting is still available from better furniture manufactures. Like Mckinley Leather.

Tufted Leather Club ChairThe History of a Leather Club Chair

Today these chairs remain a favorite in both casual and upscale homes. The simple lines and comfortable leather in these chairs tend to make them easy to work into many different decorating styles. Although a warm brown leather with a slight patina is the most popular color, it is acceptable to use other colors on these chairs. Women are finding even the more feminine colors are stunning on these chairs. This opens the door for taking these chairs out of the living room or den furniture and using them in other spaces like a bedroom, office or even a kitchen.

Leather Chairs You’ll Love

Chances are you have had a club chair growing up. If not, most have sat in one because of their popularity. You can find them in many public places including hotel lobbies, libraries and even airport lounges. The club chair is an old style that has kept its traditions, but also stepped out with a more metro modern version. No matter what style you are drawn to all have one thing in common. They are built for comfort then design. These chairs continue to work their magic, adding a touch of class and luxury to any living or sitting area. Club chairs simply exude character and luxury. They offer an instant sense of history to any room they inhibit. So, go ahead, indulge, kick up your heels and start relaxing in a genuine leather club.


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