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Cleaning Your New Leather Furniture

Leather Care & CleaningOne of the principal reasons we buy leather furniture is for the effortlessness in caring for it. Leather is a durable, comfortable and allergy free material. Most folks purchase leather shoes, bags and furniture for just these reasons. However, from time to time it is important that you share the love with your leather furniture. Especially if you live in a dry climate, your new leather furniture will need to have some added nourishment. Remember that a leather hide is skin from an animal. Just like our skin that perhaps has a sunburn we need to add moisture back with lotion or a conditioner. The same applies to leather furniture. Now it is as easy as putting lotion on our skin. Wellington’s leather furniture now offers both a leather cleaner and conditioner/milk available to clean, condition and nourish your leather furniture of any type back to new condition. No matter what the age or type of leather you have these unique products are the perfect remedy to bring your shoes, bags or leather furniture back to pristine condition.

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Embellish your leather furniture back to a state of new with these easy to apply products that clean and nourish your investment. Wellington’s leather furniture has these products available for purchase weather you brought your furniture from them or not. As noted above these products work on any type of top grain leather from buffalo, bison or cowhide and not limited to just leather furniture. Anything leather will benefit from just one application of cleaner then conditioner. These outstanding products work on all leathers from pure anilines to nubucks and every type in between.

Guardsman Insurance Plan

This insurance plan is available only at the time you purchase your new leather furniture. No matter what you purchase in leather. It can be a single sofa or just a leather club chair, a complete sectional with recliners or a sleeper. The Guardsman protection gold plan will be added assurance that no matter what your friends and family throw at your furniture it is covered under an additional warranty for 5 years from the date of purchase. This is a comprehensive assurance that covers:

Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan












The total cost for this Guardsman gold protection plan is $150.00 for a full 5 years of uninterrupted coverage. If you break it down, we are talking $30.00 annually or $2.50 each month. Now where else in today’s marketplace can you find a value like that?

For further information on cleaning and conditioning your leather furniture or questions about the Guardsman gold protection program Call Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture at 1-800-262-1049 or visit our comprehensive website.

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