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Decorating Using Leather Furniture

Every home and everybody needs a little leather in their life, especially when you are decorating your home. Leather furniture fits well within so many different homes decors. It’s like black to a room. I always say every room needs a little black to ground it. Leather furnishings are almost mystic because leather furniture looks good in any style home or office. Leather furniture styles are commonly viewed as timeless and classic but are also trendy and modern. Leather wears gracefully and is rock solid. You will find that your leather sofa will look just the same decades after you buy it. That’s just leather!

Adding Leather Furnishings Into Your Rooms Décor

My opinion is you can never have enough leather furniture although, depending on your home, you could need just need a touch. Leather furniture sales are on the rise once again.  Leather furnitures popularity is soaring because it’s a remarkable value and will last far beyond fabric upholstery. Every room can handle the look and feel of leather furniture. Leather is neutral or full of lots of rich vibrant colors and textures and depending how brave you are with colors, you actually have hundreds of colors to choose from. Brown leather furniture remains the bestselling color for leather furniture but other colors are on the upswing. Tanneries offer many superb browns to choose from but don’t discount pastel colors. These other color palates are used more often on accent pieces like cocktail ottomans, wing chairs and accent chairs. It is perfectly acceptable to have a whole room full of leather or just use it sparingly; mixing pieces in to groupings of upholstered furniture is also a nice way to introduce leather to your home. If you choose to do your whole room in leather the colors and textures do not have to be the same. Possibly cover the sofa and loveseat in the same leather but then do your accent chairs in other colors or add more textured leathers to those pieces. Then through accent pillows or throws bring the room together. Eclectic is the most common decorating method used today. In my opinion you can never have too much leather. Leathers and upholstery can blend perfectly in harmony with each other to make for a harmonious room. A leather cocktail ottoman works well to balance between the upholstery and the leather; this could be the black to balance your room. Remember you can also blend upholstery and leathers together with the aid of a floor rug if your furniture is going on a hardwood floor. Otherwise stick with the pillows, lamp shades and accessories for the other colors and textures. Another finishing touch I recommend is using a leather welt with your fabric; this creates a very custom look and is great for high traffic areas.

Decorating With Leather Furniture

How To Best Choose The Leather Furniture That’s Right For You

If you are taking the time to read this then you are doing your homework about decorating. Don’t go cheap. Insist on quality leather furniture. In today’s market place there are oodles and oodles of leather furniture companies out there representing low to high end leather furniture. Insist on quality that will last for decades. If you don’t, I promise you will be back in the market for new furniture in just a few short years. Since starting Wellington’s in 1982 our repeat business is from the folks that have grown tired of the color or have passed their furniture to their children, they are not coming back because their furniture has worn out. When you are furniture shopping either online or in a furniture showroom you will be able to tell the difference in leathers. If you are in a showroom feel the sides and the inside and see if they feel the same, often furniture is sold as all leather when it is actually top grain and split used on the sides and backs. If you are seeking quality you want all top grain leather everywhere. Ask questions. When buying online or in a showroom you should make sure to view the leather swatches and check reviews, BBB ratings, etc… and always when shopping online be sure to call the store to speak with a sales person. Don’t just click and buy, this is a purchase that you will have for many years. Good leather furniture is an investment and a good one. Just like the leather in your car, no odor with spills and it just keeps getting better.

Select A Style That Fits Your Lifestyle Now & Then

As I have mentioned good leather furniture will last for decades so you need to make sure you select a color and finish you really like now and can see yourself liking for many years. This is something you must consider. Over the life of your leather furniture you can move, paint the room or re-due floors. So make sure the color you go with will go with any of the mentioned changes. There are three basic leathers characteristics; again these are basic finishes not all: Matte finishes patina or gloss and distressed. There are also other degrees of protection to consider. This leather glossary provides a more in depth look into the different types of leather. When choosing the leather for your new leather furniture if your taste is traditional use traditional leather colors like rich browns, burgundy’s and navy’s. These are the most popular colors for traditional frames like chesterfield sofas or leather wing chairs. If you need just a leather accent piece don’t be afraid to blend with a classic frame a more trending modern color. There are wonderful fashionable leather colors like buttery yellows, greens and turquoise or teal that can bring brilliant colors to your very traditional room and add excitement and fun to the atmosphere. If contemporary is more your style then let the fun begin! There are more modern looking leather club chairs that are stunning in fire engine red leather or pull in a black which can be used in a traditional or contemporary room. Nothing is sexier than a white leather chair. Whether you are buying a whole room of leather furniture or just an accent piece make it special. After all you’re entire home is a reflection of you. 

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