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Leather Furniture With Pets And Kids

Many of us have pets and they are truly viewed as members of our family. We can still have nice things even with pets. I know a lot of folks have the mindset that with children and pets why spend the money on nicer furnishings for them to destroy? Why wait for the kids to move out and the pets to be gone? Leather upholstery allows you to have the luxury without the worry.

Dogs and Leather Furniture

Dogs are man’s best friend and that is so true. Ask anyone that has a dog and I am sure most would say they agree. So why keep your best friend off of your furniture? If it’s good enough for you then it should be good enough for them. Just think when you are not around the animals have the whole house to themselves so take out some of your stress when leaving home. Leather furniture can handle what the animals can dish out. Leather furniture is the perfect furniture for all pet lovers and people with pet allergies. Leather furniture will not hold pet dander like a cloth or fabric upholstered sofa. Leather is always the top choice for physicians to recommend for households where people are bothered by allergens. No matter what grade or how low end or high end of leather you buy it will not hold odor from pets or dander. Also, with leather furniture you will not have to roller brush the pet hair off because it will not stick to the leather. Leather sells itself. Once you own a piece of leather furniture you’re sold. All three of my daughters have Westies and I just love those little guys to death (except for Barclay) and I never realize how much they actually shed until the other day I was sitting on Caroline’s leather sofa and the throw on the back was covered in white hair but her sofa had none. During my visit I was in one of her bedrooms that has a fabric upholstered chair that I had never noticed before so I had a seat. Well my black pants were now decorated with little white hairs from yes you guessed it Barclay. You too will love the fact that leather furniture always feels great and no more roller brushes. Barclay, like his cousins Milly and Benny are all my buds. They love their G Dog!

Leather with pets

Leather is durable and Easy to Clean

Lots of fabrics used for upholstering are like Berber carpet. I once had that carpet and my dogs and cats claws would get stuck in the fibers and I would have to cut the loop before the carpet came unraveled. This also happens with many fabrics. Animals can actually shred upholstery, this will never happen with genuine leather. The key is buying the right leather for your family. Pure aniline is not the way to go with pets and children. I would suggest an aniline plus or a distressed type of leather (if you like the rustic or warn look). The distressed leather most often has movement to the surface as the oils or waxes displace allowing the surface to constantly change with use. It is almost like looking at a piece of granite. Aniline plus leathers are dyed throughout and still have a nice soft hand but an extra layer of protection has been added during the dyeing process. A good entry grade leather would be a corrected grain vs a full grain these types of leathers are usually almost bullet proof.

Standard Poodles and Leather Furniture

I have two standard poodles and an Aussie doodle and all three of them are couch potatoes. They get cozy on my sectional each night that I watch TV or a movie and enjoy the furniture as much as I do. Nigel the largest in my pack has his favorite spot on the seat while Maggie my little girl makes herself at home on the top of the back cushions of my leather sectional sofa. Riley my Aussie doodle just finds a seat wherever he can. Their noses run just like everybody else’s and they slobber on occasion and Nigel even drinks water so fast sometimes he just over flows. I don’t stress I just keep white hand towels in the laundry room and wipe up whatever they drip or cough up. Fabric would never last in my house with the poodles.

Leather is pet friendly furniture

Removing Furniture Odors

The other night I was visiting a friend who has cloth furniture in her den. We were sitting visiting and she kept apologizing for the smell. I really didn’t notice it until she got up and I could smell old milk. It was very unpleasant. She went on to explain that one of her children had spilled chocolate milk on the seat cushion next to where I was sitting and she was going to have to have a professional come into her home to remove the stain and the odor. At that point she regretted her decision to not invest in the leather or a fabric like sunbrella for her den furniture. I reminded her that this is the room your family uses the most so if you must have cloth save it for another room. Not long after she had me over again to show off her new leather furniture. Wow, did it dress her room up. Bottom line, leather furniture will not hold odors that are in the air or spilled directly onto the leather itself. Just a mild soap and water will do the trick.

Cats and Leather Furniture

Most cats don’t like leather furniture. But those that do can cause razor cuts to the top surface. These in no way compromise the hide but can be annoying to some. Some leathers will show these cat marks more than others. Selecting a very distressed leather helps to camouflage these marks and scraps. Cat claws can get stuck in fabric like a weave or a loop and actually unravel the upholstery, this could never happen with leather. Leather, unlike fabric, can be repaired. A household cat would not weight enough to put a hole in leather. Leather is the strongest sheet material we have and is used for furniture because of its durability. Don’t make your leather furniture too cozy for your cats by adding soft throws and throw pillows and I bet they ignore your leather furniture all together. Always try to keep your pets nails trimmed for many reasons.

Family Friendly Furniture – Leather Furniture

Real leather furniture is great for active families and domestic pets of all kinds. With Little or no effort you can expect your leather sofa to last for many years. Leather couches, recliners and sectionals are the most popular choices in leather furnishings. Manmade leathers and or painted leather materials are very affordable options that look like real leather but the difference is in the quality and the strength of these materials. Make sure you are buying genuine leather because the fake stuff will rip or tear much easier than real leather. Real leather comes in most any color you can imagine so go ahead and take the plunge and buy genuine leather furniture. It is worth it in the long run and you will be so glad you did the first time there is a spill or the dog has an accident. Sit back relax and take in the distinct smell only genuine leather furniture has, and remember durability is your best friend.

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