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Small Space Living- Living Room Layouts

Small Living Room LayoutsYou have found the perfect house, townhome or apartment and now that you are trying to get comfortable in your new space it becomes obvious that the main living room or den is smaller that you thought it was. Don’t get bummed out there is a way to make this work. Here are a few ideas for making the most out of a smaller space.

Don’t panic! Smaller rooms are indeed a little more challenging to decorate than large, extensive living rooms, small living rooms and dens can be just as much fun to decorate using a few new ideas. Don’t stress, the end result can still be the perfect room you are trying to achieve; it will just take a little more imagination and smaller scale furnishings. Look for furniture that fits your taste and room size.

Living Large In A Smaller Space

Most visitors to our home only see a few rooms. Mainly the kitchen, eating area or bar and our living room or den. Your focus should be on making these rooms the best they can be. You don’t want to overdo it with too much furniture stuffed into a space so let’s keep it clean. Over stuffing your space will only make it look small and cramped. Keep it simple. Don’t go for big, dark, heavy pieces that will weigh down your room.  In lieu of that concentrate on decorating with simple lines and neutral colors that will always make a room larger and more inviting. Use the darker colors in your accessories.

Decide how many you would like to have seating for in the space? If you entertain often, think about purchasing a small sectional sofa that can be placed in the corner. This offers the maximum amount of seating for you and your guests and won’t overrun the room. Instead of using a coffee or cocktail table consider using an upholstered ottoman. Leather cocktail ottomans are great for the durability factor. Not only can they add a dash of leather to your room but they can also be combined with animal prints or interesting embossed, textured choices to bring an added value. These can also double as seating. When it comes to furnishing small spaces multi-functional pieces of furniture are extremely important. 

Decorating Small Rooms

Small Space Living – Living Room Layouts

If you would rather opt for a regular sofa or loveseat, think about centering it against a wall. Under a window or below a decorative wall arrangement. You can place small, matching end tables with lamps on either side. This will now be the focal point of the room. If it must be free floating this same arrangement will work. Measure for new furniture before you buy!

The last thing while you are deciding how to arrange furniture to fit in your smaller living room, try to take advantage of storage. Add this using end tables with shelving or drawers also perhaps a storage center for your TV can also provide hidden places to use for more personal items if after placing your furniture space is available for this. Whatever way you do it, stay clean of clutter that will make your space feel smaller and feel messy. After all a clean crisp look is what your goal should be and a side note is you should try to draw the eye upward using interest above the windows or interesting art. If you are not using solids keep your patterns simple.

How To Design & Lay Out A Small Living Room


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