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Sofa Trends - Top 3 Colors

The most popular sofas sold off of showroom floors or online are (drum roll) : Browns, neutrals and grays. These are the top three choices for sofa sets. Here is a breakdown of preferred sofa colors as reported to Furniture Today Magazine during a 2016 upholstery consumer survey:

Browns 67% Reds 20%
Neutrals 66% White 14%
Greys 48% Purples 9%
Black 38% Oranges 7%
Blues 38% Metallics 5%
Greens 30% Yellows 5%

Next according to the same poll consumers are most interested in comfort, durability and quality in that order. The data collected shows that 9 out of 10 shoppers look for those three things in that order. The next concerns of furniture shoppers are price, color and style.

Color Trends For Sofa

Solid Colors Are Preferred for Sofas

A solid-color sofa is preferred by 85%. That is why leather furniture is always a good seller and a popular choice for many furniture shoppers. Not only for its solid color but its durability and value. Most play it safe with color. Although two-thirds want a brown or neutral colored sofa, such as beige, cream or ecru. Gray sofas are so popular, favored by nearly half of those polled. Grey has become the new brown even though brown continues to rank high in sofa sales. Below you will see in order the most important factors shoppers are looking for when buying a new sofa:

Comfort 96% Stain-Resistant 75%
Durability 91% Warranty 51%
Quality  91% Large Size 50%
Price  84% Made USA 40%
Color 81% Smaller Size 28%
Style & Design 81% Eco-Friendly 27%
Material  76% Brand  25%

According to those that responded to the survey Millennial buyers, adults between the ages of 18 and 35, are more likely to go for a gray sofa. Those between the ages of 36 – 51 this year, are the most likely to select a brown sofa and the baby boomers between 52- 71 prefer a warm brown neutral color. This age group also has a tendency for sofas covered in blues and greens.

Furniture Color & Style TrendsShopping For A New Sofa

This poll also found that a smaller size sofa or a sofa made from eco-friendly materials and the manufactures brand are the least important sofa attributes. So gray is in and manufacture names and reputations are out. Sofa trends change often, hopefully this information has helped you choose the right color for your new sofa or at least given you a better idea of what others prefer. 

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