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You Get What You Pay For-Furniture Included

If you buy leather furniture you buy it for the durability and the longevity. If you buy cheap leather furniture this is not what you will get. Visualize a field of cows, the entire herd, only 20% of the cattle will be the quality to be premium hides used by better leather furniture manufactures. The other 80% are considered lower end quality hides. These are the hides used by lower end furniture manufactures, Yes, it’s still leather but not premium leather. Not as soft and supple and defiantly will not have less scaring like you will find with higher end leather furniture companies. Almost 70% of a piece of leather furniture is in the cost of the leather itself so why buy something that will not last. Better leather manufactures use leathers that have been tanned by long standing and consistent leather tanneries. Their leather products are used by many of the higher end leather furniture companies like Leathercraft, Classic Leather, Bradington Young and McKinley. Those 20% of the premium leather hides are divided between car manufactures, furniture builders and the garment industry. As you can see that does not leave very much to go around. This is why the better and best leathers cost more, but in the end you will never have peeling or cracking issues and with a solid Hardwood frame you will not have sagging or bending issues. Lower end furniture manufactures typically don’t use aniline dyed leathers. Their leathers are surface dyed leaving the skins open for cracking and peeling, these are not premium hides. It all comes back to save a few dollars here and in the long run it will actually end up costing you more. Just because something looks the same does not mean it is. Lower end furniture manufactures do not use premium hides on their furniture products, you just can’t offer the same quality for pennies on the dollar compared to the better leather companies.

Solid Wood Furniture and Top Grain Leathers Are Best

The frame needs to be as solid as the leather itself. There are bargain brands available for anything from electronics to paper towels. But think about it, there is a difference for a reason. Wellington’s offers many options for all of your leather furniture needs. You will find Good, Better and Best lines that are made in American as well as import options. Living room sets, recliners or even a cocktail ottoman in your price range.  You don’t have to mortgage the house to buy quality home furnishings but if you are considering leather furniture in your home consider upgrading to a line that will end up saving you money in the long run rather than costing you more money in just a few short years.

Everyone wants to save money on all of their purchases, especially large ticket items like home furnishings. You can still save money but be wise about your choices. Ask questions and look beyond the leather itself, look at the guts of the furniture. I promise there is a difference. I can tell you leather is healthier due to the fact it does not hold odors and dust mites like fabric. It’s always room temperature until you sit down and then leather adjusts to your temperature keeping you cozy in all seasons.

There are many options for anything. Home furnishings can be timeless and affordable when you take the time to ask the right questions and spend your dollars wisely. Brand names can be shopped and you can see, touch, and feel their products. This is not the case with generic brands. There is nothing more frustrating that feeling you got a great deal on something and later just to have it fall apart much sooner that it should have. Always remember if it’s too good to be true, go with your gut feeling, it probably is. 

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