Top Brands Of Leather FurnitureLet me start with this is our opinion backed by fact, as THE Leather Furniture Experts. We would not feel comfortable ranking products or furniture lines we do not sell, that would be hearsay and we are honest in our opinion based on our over 50 years combined experience in the leather furniture business.

Wellington’s fine leather furniture sells most all of the top leather furniture brands and has for decades. We know both leather and leather furniture and can help guide you in the right direction for your needs, budget and style. There are many other furniture manufactures that sell leather furniture brands but we have chosen to rank only the lines we sell and are extremely familiar with. Our rankings are honest and as a result of many years knowing and working with these handpicked furniture manufactures. We sell only lines that specialize in making leather furniture. While shopping you can find many furniture manufactures that make upholstery furniture and have a few offerings of leather. Wellington’s sells and is only ranking the specialty leather furniture folks. These are the best of the best. Each skilled furniture builder only works with leather. This is a craft that takes many years to perfect. Working with leather is much different than working with fabrics. It really does take a person with an educated knowledge of leather to produce these one of a kind leather pieces. Remember whether you are shopping for a leather sectional sofa or a leather club chair the style is extremely important but the upholstering and workmanship is what makes it a part of your life.

Leather Stitching Stitches and welting are all cosmetic choices when it comes to furniture. Every single piece of furniture has these however most of the time we just don’t pay attention to them. There just there. You will be amazed with amount of drama you can add with just a stitch or the highlighting of a welt.

One is not better than the other there is not a right or wrong choice, any application is a good choice it all boils down to personal preference. Special order furniture allows you to be the designer, it’s amazing those little subtle changes in stitching or the choice of a welt can transform a piece of furniture into a one of a kind beautiful piece of your family’s history. One will not outlast the other and one is not better it just boils down to what application looks best on what style. Some styles look better with welts or cording while others look better with a top stitch. Furniture fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Some more traditional styles are standard with a pipe welt while others feature a baseball stitch that is flush to the surface of the seat and back.

Pastel ColorsYou have heard the expression Pretty in Pink? Well, leather hides come not only in pink but most any pastel colors; this also applies to most every kind of fabric. Furniture can be really fun and stylish with the right shade! Pinks, yellows, greens and blues can seriously brighten up any room. But decorating with these potentially sweet shades can be a tricky task. The effort is well worth it, though, for pastels cheerful effects.

Pastels get a bad rap for being too girly, and often being kind of 80s. These are fresh fashionable colors. It’s like that little black dress; it never goes out of style. It’s the same with pastels. Some may be more popular year to year but they are always a fresh welcoming look. They can lift the mood of your room in an instant.

Pastel Colors From The Beach To The Mountains

If you live at the coast you know the impact the pastel palate brings to your home furnishings. Use these colors a little or a lot. Perhaps in the mountains the pastel colors would be more suited for a bedroom. Consider the natural light that impacts your room where you will be using any of these pastel colors. East facing windows bring a cool, blue light during the day, while west facing windows bring in a redder light in the afternoon and at sunset. South facing windows tend to offer a yellower light. A good rule of thumb is to avoid the pastels that correspond to the direction of the light. So no pinks in a western facing room or they could tend to look like cotton candy. The same goes for yellows.  Avoid using them in a south facing room and blue in an east facing room.

Fun With FurnitureThe sofa is the focal point for the majority of living spaces. In fact, six out of ten consumers design their living room or family room around their sofa. The sofa is the key part in homes living room and dens regardless of age, income or location. Sofas come in all different sizes and coverings. Buying the right size for your room and the right color all depends on your budget and room size.

You should consider on either side of your sofa you need at least two feet for walking space. This should help with selecting the perfect size sofa for your space. There are sofas out there priced and made really cheap to really nice made to heirloom quality standards. If you like redecorating or changing up your room often, I would suggest paying less and going with a lower end product. If you are more about quality consider higher end fabrics or even a leather sofa. Leather will always far outlast fabric upholstery no matter how much you spend on it. Always the most durable cover for your new sofa would be leather. Solid colors are also easier to decorate with adding accessories like throw pillows are a great way to change the look of a solid color sofa. I often change my throw pillow season to season and the result is a new look four times a year with very little cost.

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture staff of furniture buyers has just returned from the International home furnishings market in High Point, NC. Our entire staff attends this furniture market twice each year. We always look forward to continued education on the leather furniture products we sell and up to date techniques used by the tanneries that finish the leather that covers our high end leather furniture products. We also take a day or two and visit the factories and manufacturers in North Carolina that produce the furniture we offer. This continued education is extremely important to our entire sales staff to stay abreast of new products and changes in existing and new styles. We also learn of changes in suppliers for the internal parts. This is invaluable information that our entire sales staff must know because we are THE Leather Furniture Experts! Each member of our staff must know the ins and outs of each manufacturer we sell through our online furniture gallery. Our knowledge helps us make sure you buy the perfect leather for your lifestyle.

You need to protect leather furniture from…Sunlight, heat and sharp objects.

~Never place your leather furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

~Always avoid placing your leather furniture near sources of excessive heat

~Avoid using sharp objects on or near your leather furniture

Since the beginning of 2015 the furniture industry has seen some changes in color trends for furniture and accessories. We started the year with more interest in grays, blues and reds but now half way through 2015 we are seeing much more interest in the orange and brighter yellows and colors of the sea. These color choices work very well with lots of textures and patterns. Florals contain many of these vibrant colors and they complement each other. Brown is still king when it comes to leather furniture upholstery but the leather tanneries just keep adding new colors to choose from. Many of these trending colors are available in a lower price point, these leathers are also cleanable. Although aniline dyed they do have a protective surface which allows them to be cleaned with a mild soap and water. As a consumer you will notice through online and brick and mortar stores strips and patterns including some of these fresh fun colors to their new prints and solids.

We all know that leather far outlasts fabric for upholstering furniture. Leather is the strongest sheet material known to man and the perfect cover for easy cleaning and is also allergy free. Consumers are choosing more of this upholstery for their homes today because leathers are more durable and stain resistant along with the stylish beautiful colors being offered; this is according to several tanneries. Leather is the perfect upholstery for active families with pets. Leather furniture works in most any space whether you choose to do your entire living room with durable leather or just use it on an accent piece, every room needs leather furniture somewhere. This is often the recommendation by those who work in the design field. Every room needs something black to ground it.  It does not necessarily have to be a lot of black, but just a touch.

Sectional sofas made from genuine leather are always a great choice for large families and family rooms. Sectional sofas are known for their diversity. Modular seating varieties are made for sprawling out with family and friends. Whether you choose motion or a stationary modular sectional sofa their popularity continues to grow among all age groups. Sectionals are found in many basements, media rooms or even more often used in dens and as living room furniture. Sectionals are the perfect way to utilize and maximize your space. This leather seating is diverse and a favorite lounging furniture. Leather sectionals are available in many shapes and sizes. If your room is designed to hold a sectional then go ahead and do it. Sectionals are customized to your space and taste. Online resources and showrooms are a great way to achieve the largest variety and save hundreds of dollars.

Neutral Solid Fabrics VS Leathers

Neutral upholstery fabrics like brown, tan and taupe’s are by far the most popular color choice in today’s marketplace. These colors are found in weaves and solids. These colors and types of fabrics work well with leather furniture. Neutral colors of fabric allow you to get really fun and creative with the leather you choose. Leather upholstery is durable and comes in any color you can imagine. So go ahead and have some fun!

Many of us have pets and they are truly viewed as members of our family. We can still have nice things even with pets. I know a lot of folks have the mindset that with children and pets why spend the money on nicer furnishings for them to destroy? Why wait for the kids to move out and the pets to be gone? Leather upholstery allows you to have the luxury without the worry.

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.