Leather Bar Stools and Chairs

Open concept homes are wonderful. They make even the smallest spaces seem spacious.  

As wonderful as they are, though, this design can lead to some decorating hiccups. For example, what are you supposed to do if your dining room and kitchen are next to each other in an open space?

That’s easy – mix and match your leather dining room chairs and kitchen bar stools. 

American Classic Leather Furniture

If you are in the market for quality leather furniture you should check out these excellent brands that offer timeless, quality craftsmanship. American made leather furniture brands like Classic Leather Furniture, McKinley Leather, Leathercraft, Carolina Custom Furniture and Bradington Young are all top-notch brands of leather sofas that are made in the United States.  Each offer American classic styling options.

Preventing Leather from Cracking and Fading

New leather furniture is a beautiful investment for your home or office.  There is nothing better than the smell of a new leather sofa or chair.  Fine leather furniture brings style, quality and comfort to any room whether it is rustic, formal, sophisticated or masculine.  Leather upholstered furniture brings that Ahhh… look and smell along with maintenance free living.

Buying Leather Furniture in the Carolina


For a hundred years the Carolina's especially North Carolina has been viewed as the furniture capital of the world.  The Carolina's are home to the best furniture builders. Their skills include upholstering both leather and fabric, wood working, tufting and 8-way hand-tied construction.

Many of these skilled craftsman and women are 2nd and 3rd generation furniture builders. A true art that is passed from father to son and daughter. These meticulous workers have an outstanding work ethic and pride in the furniture they build.

Decorating with Black and White Leather Furniture

Black and white décor is something that always comes back into fashion. 
Interior designers are loving it right now and are able to create some irresistible spaces with this color combination. 
What can you do to incorporate this timeless trend?

Arizona Leather

Arizona is a place with many beautiful vacation destinations and even better for living, especially through the winter months.  Nothing is more relaxing than a well-made leather sofa or chair. Nice cooler temperatures draw folks from all over the United States to enjoy the many outdoor activities available in sunny Arizona.  From hiking, biking and camping, Arizona has it all.

When Living in Texas - Leather Furniture


When you think of Texas you think of horses, cowboys and leather?  The essential part of riding is the leather saddle.  Only the best leather makes for the best saddles.  That’s how Wellington’s feels about the brands of leather furniture we sell.  We offer only the best brands that use the best premium top grain leathers for our sofas and sectionals.

The Most Durable Type of Leather for Furniture


When choosing a piece of leather furniture, you want the very best. 

You want a piece of furniture that will not only look good – you want a piece that’s going to last a long time.

To ensure this happens, you need to choose the best type of leather for your needs – the most durable type of leather which will add beauty and elegance to your home. 

Reasons You Should Consider a Modern Leather Reclining Sofa


Is it time for a new sofa? 

If so, what type of couch should you choose?

One thing is for sure – leather is a must. It’s long-lasting, durable, and gorgeous. 

Besides that, what style of leather sofa is going to fit your needs the best? Today, you’ll see why leather reclining sofas are so popular. After reading the reasons listed below, you may wonder how you’ve gone so long without this type of sofa in your home.   

NEW-YEARS-RES-BLOG Blog: Everything You Need to Know About Leather Furniture

It’s time to refresh for 2020.  Now that winter has set in it’s time to focus on the indoors rather than the outdoors. Let the new year bring an energizing new look to your living room with new high-quality leather furniture that will last for decades. 

Nothing is more comfortable than a leather sofa or chair.  Leather brings fashion and style to any room.  The winter months are when families spend more time indoors enjoying comfortable furniture so indulge yourself with handmade leather seating from the top brands of American made leather furniture classics.  Our well-constructed lines of leather furniture include:  Classic Leather, Leathercraft, Mckinley, Carolina Custom and Bradington Young just to name a few.

Make Your Home Welcoming and Cozy with New Leather Furniture


A cozy home is not entirely about looks.  It’s related more to comfort and style and how furniture can enhance the feeling in a room.

When it comes to a home, you want a place where you’ll get to make memories. A place where your friends and family willingly congregate on a regular basis. 

What can you do to make your home this cozy and inviting? 

Read on to find out some of the best ways to use furniture to transform your home into a lovely oasis. 

Manufacturers Sold By Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.