Custom Leather Furniture Things to consider when shopping for custom built leather furniture include the style and color. Choose a leather color for your new sofa or chair that you like now and will like later. Leather far outlasts other upholstery fabrics so choose wisely.

Custom made leather furniture options include selecting your leather color and type, nail trim color and placement along with wood finish. Many custom furniture companies also allow you to add or subtract length sizes and other style and size modifications to their leather sofas and sectionals.

Cushion options are also available when custom building new leather furniture. Seating options are very personal. Are you looking for a soft down feather seat or more of a firm seat with springs in the cushion? Or do you prefer a foam seat core? It’s not always easy to find a store that specializes in making custom furniture along with displaying all the seating options. That’s when you must rely on knowledgeable and educated salespeople (specialists in their field) to assist you with a decision that will meet your needs and expectations.

Your furniture reflects you and is extremely personal. Don’t just buy it, dream it! Building custom leather furniture allows you the ability to select the perfect options for your wants, price range and needs. Building a custom leather sofa is fun and should be just what you envision at the end.


Springs_in_your_sofa The Best Leather Furniture Blog – Care & Cleaning and the Best Time to Buy a new Leather Sofa
When you come home after a long day at work and sit down in your favorite sofa, you’re probably not thinking about how the sofa is constructed.
You’re just happy to be home and in the warm embrace of a comfy couch. 
It’s not until something doesn’t work that people usually feel compelled to investigate.
But you’re a Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture customer and we only sell the most reliable furniture, which means you might never learn what goes into making your favorite sofa.
So we went ahead and gathered some of the most interesting aspects of your sofa’s construction process, particularly in regard to springs.

The_Right_Cushion_for_Your_Quality_Leather_Chair_or_Sofa The Best Leather Furniture Blog – Care & Cleaning and the Best Time to Buy a new Leather Sofa
You’ve just found the perfect recliner, sofa, or sectional. 
It’s beautiful. It fits your décor to a T. You’ve checked the dimensions at least twice to make sure it will actually fit into your space. And guess what? It does!
You may think the next step to take is to make your order and schedule a delivery of your new high-end leather furniture.
If you make your purchase now, though, you’re actually missing a vital step in the furniture buying process: Choosing the cushions.  

Buying_a_Sofa_Online The Best Leather Furniture Blog – Care & Cleaning and the Best Time to Buy a new Leather Sofa
For many people, furniture shopping is one of the easiest instances of being able to “try before you buy.” The reason for this is trying out furniture is easy and in some cases it can even be relaxing.
The most accurate way of testing out furniture, at least the kind you sit on, is to do just that. Plopping down on a chair or sofa in a furniture store can help a shopper find out whether the piece is comfortable or not. 
But the digital age has changed the way we do a lot of things, including shopping. 
While buying online can help you avoid the crowds at the furniture outlet and even escape the urgings of pushy salespeople, it presents one interesting problem when you want to buy a sofa – how do you test it?

Luxury Motion Furniture from Bradington YoungIn today's marketplace you can find all varieties of power recliners and motion seating upholstered in top grain leather. The most important thing when shopping for these recliner sofas and chairs it to know what you are buying. Quality, comfort and longevity. No one wants a recliner that is upholstered using top grain leather with a mechanism that fails only after a few years. Bradington Young has done all the homework for you. They use fine leathers and the best recliner mechanisms. The luxury motion seating collection from Bradington Young is the best and highest quality power recline furniture available. They have listened to their customers and made real luxury seating. Some sofas and chairs are available with an articulating headrest that provides the utmost in quality and comfort.

Custom Made Leather Luxury Recliners and Sofas with Articulating Headrests

The options with the luxury motion series are almost never-ending. With so many choices the possibilities are endless to fit your home and lifestyle. Each piece will recline with ease with just the touch of a soft button and located within each button panel you will find a USB port for charging your device. They have really thought of everything. Each recliner seat is a wall-hugger that only requires 3” of wall clearance.

Leather_Furniture_in_the_Carolinas__Hickory_or_Highpoint_ The Best Leather Furniture Blog – Care & Cleaning and the Best Time to Buy a new Leather Sofa

There’s something special about leather furniture.

It’s garnered a reputation as stylish, convenient, and easy to work into any room regardless of the design theme. It shows less dirt than other materials, holds up well over time, and offers a look which never seems to be dated.
When you decide it’s time to shop for some new leather furniture, where should you go? The Carolinas are a good place to start.  Hickory and Highpoint, are known for having various furniture outlets and retailers offering leather selections.
Here’s a bit of information about what to look for in good leather furniture, as well as which way you should choose to go when it comes to making your purchases. 
The Carolinas offer plenty of options from Hickory to Highpoint, but how can you find out where to get the best option?

Wha is Best When Choosing Furniture
For decades, if you wanted to be considered a stylish person, you had to match. 
Women had to match their lipstick with their nail polish, and their handbags to their shoes.
This concept extended beyond a person’s wardrobe, too. 
In homes across the country, you’d find living room sets, dining room sets, and bedroom sets – all with three to seven pieces of furniture which matched in style, shape, and even color.
Times have changed, though, and we think it’s a change for the better. 
The current trend is to mix things up a bit. We love this idea because it gives everyone the room to express their unique style and taste. And it’s fun!

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Wellington's Fine Leather Funiture sells all of the top brands of quality leather furniture.  All of our products come with a full manufacturers warrany and discounted pricing.  Most of our products are American made.