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Every year there are new trends. This goes for nearly every industry.

There are fashion trends, business trends, beauty trends, and food trends – just to name a few.

Even the furniture industry sees new trends each year.  

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your living space in the coming year, you should be let in on the latest trends.

Maybe one (or more) of them will speak to you and be the fresh idea you’ve been searching for.


Faux Leather Furniture

We all want to save money whenever we can. In some cases, this leads us to cut corners which probably shouldn’t be cut.
At other times, the pros and cons don’t seem to be as clear as we would like.
Regardless of whatever kind of decision we need to make, the fact is we need to do our homework so we can make the best choice possible.
This is as true of investing in stocks and bonds as it is for buying furniture.
For instance, when it comes to large pieces – like a sofa, sectional, or chair – should you only invest in 100% leather?
Or, is faux leather an acceptable alternative?

Modern Leather FurnitureModern furniture made using genuine leather is a very popular choice for contemporary decor. Stylish up to date furniture fashions for the person that prefers a crisp, clean look of today’s styles. Modern has found its way into blending with more traditional looks. A leather chesterfield sofa blends very well with modern tables and chairs. A tufted leather sofa is timeless and adds a warm look to your modern or contemporary home.

Contemporary Furniture Designs

Contemporary or modern furniture is trendy but when used with some solid staples like a wing chair or solid pillow sofa the two styles can blend to finish your room with plenty of style and texture. Mixing styles and textures creates lots of interests. Solids, prints and strips can all be used together when it is done right. Grey is by far the most popular new color that is being used in both traditional and modern rooms. Charcoal grey colors can blend very well with lighter shades of grey. Bold bright colors also add to the overwhelming popularity of grey. Most all bold colors on the color wheel add drama to grey and modern furniture. Be sure to incorporate the mix of bright colors and patterns throughout your room to draw attention through your entire space. You can also use wall paint to accent your modern look. The colors you use on your furniture will dictate the wall color but cool colors are always a safe bet.

How To Pick The Perfect Leather CouchWhat to look for when you are shopping for a quality leather couch.

  1. Make sure it is covered in all top grain leather everywhere. Sides, backs etc…
  2. A solid hardwood frame
  3. Quality framing and solid materials
  4. 8-way hand- tied spring construction
  5. Loose seat cushions
  6. Channeled Back pillows
  7. American made

Shopping for furniture can be expensive and confusing. These days you can buy a leather sofa from the big warehouse clubs to the finest furniture stores. You know there is a difference? Right? The big box stores cater to the masses. You can expect cheap made to just fill your space. Remember you get what you pay for. These types of stores cannot move higher end furniture products, that is not their clientele. To buy quality home furnishings you need to shop at a specialty store. Furniture stores sell everything from a dining tables to a wall clocks. Most sales clerks know little about any of the products they sell. When buying leather furniture education means everything. If you have a house full of kids and pets there are leathers that just won’t be practicable for your lifestyle. The good news is there are several choices that will work for you, but you must know the differences. Otherwise you will be disappointed with how the leather ages over the life of the couch. We buy leather furniture not only for the comfort but the durability. Buying the right leather for your lifestyle is key for buying the perfect leather sofa.

Using Fabric And Leather TogetherWe all know there is nothing more durable, comfortable and stylish than leather furniture. But for some the cost prohibits the purchase. Now it’s all good to use both leather and fabric together on the same sofa. It’s always been a great option to mix leather and fabric within a room but now it’s the norm to mix the two on a sofa or sectional. Leather manufactures are now offering not only leathers but they are coordinating fabrics with their most popular leathers. In hues of the most popular colors like brown, blues and greys.

Leather and Fabric Sofa Sets

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or even beachy leather and fabric will give your home a new refreshing look. Beautiful pastel colors blend very well with leathers that are in the lighter hues while primary colors will add warmth and charm to your space. Leather and fabric together can be an excellent choice for performance fashion and could save a few bucks depending on the fabric you select.

Leather Furniture With Adjustable HeadrestIn today’s marketplace, you will find many new options in fine leather seating. The articulating headrest is the newest and most popular by far. This is a power recliner or sofa that also has an adjustable headrest that allows you to find your sweet spot. These leather power recliner chairs and sofas are completely adjustable with just the push of a button. Find the most comfortable spot for your back, then recline and focus on your head. These double feature chairs and leather sofas are now the double header in leather furniture. This new technology in the industry is the ULTIMATE in comfort and style.

Power Headrest Recliners

American made leather recliners with a power option and articulating headrest are found both in modern and traditional furniture styles. We all know leather furniture is smooth like butter and only gets better with use. Contemporary designs are sleek and up to date, while traditional recliner chairs carry a look of heritage and tradition. Because the control buttons are located on the inside arm only you know it’s a recliner chair. This is performance furniture that is built to last.

Furniture Made In The USABuilt to last and made the old-fashioned way. Quality leather furniture from North Carolina. Custom furniture building is an art often passed down from generation to generation. The artisans that build furniture in North Carolina are skilled in their craft. You can expect quality built NC furniture to last for decades instead of just a few short years. These craftsmen and women take tremendous pride in their expertise and it shows in the finished product. From building the frame to upholstering the sofa, hands on is always better than machine made.

Long standing leather furniture manufacturers like Leathercraft, Classic Leather and McKinley Leather Furniture are just a few of the North Carolina furniture builders that feature this type of hands on furniture construction.

It’s a different mindset. The men and women that build high end furniture in North Carolina are often one of many generations within the same family that have passed their skill onto their children, sisters or brothers. Often one person has one specific job that they do within the furniture building process.

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