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4 Colors to Complement Gray Leather Furniture Beautifully

4 Colors to Complement Gray Leather Furniture Beautifully

Grey Leather Furniture

Transform your decor and give your gray leather furniture a pop of color by adding accents of these gorgeous colors. With its elegant coolness and fresh appeal, gray is the ideal neutral for a chic living space. Gray is a particularly common color in modern decor, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to a particular style. If you prefer a cooler neutral than brown or tan, gray is the perfect choice. But as with all neutrals, gray is at its best when it’s supporting a brighter hue. If you want to add some color accents to your neutral leather furniture, these colors are a good place to start.


In this context, pink is an umbrella term for a range of colors on a spectrum from coral to magenta. Pink is rarely just the pastel crayon color that’s often seen in babies’ rooms - it can be neon hot and even slightly purplish in tone. This leaves you a wide range of options to consider for your gray accent color.

While neon pink is a fine choice for a gray furniture piece, pastel colors are particularly lovely when matched with light gray. In a sense, gray is like pastel black, so it follows naturally that pastel colors look great with this neutral tone. You can inject a subtle sense of femininity and softness into a room with a pinky mauve or you can go for a more tropical look with peach or coral. The pink tint you choose will have a big impact on the overall atmosphere in your room, so choose wisely to get the right effect.


Blue is a common color in home decor, and this means it’s a versatile and readily available choice for adding a dash of visual interest to an otherwise neutral color palette. Depending on the shade you choose, blue can be serene, exciting, formal or staid. That gives you a lot of room to work with as you pick the perfect accent pieces to complement your gray leather furniture.

If you want to make your space feel subtle, navy blue is a great choice. Best of all, it pairs well with a variety of different gray tones from ultra light to nearly black. Pairing navy with the darkest available grays establishes a deep-toned minimalist effect while pairing it with a lighter gray creates a fresh, modern, almost sporty flair. On the other hand, turquoise or aqua blue can bring a watery feel into your decor, which is suitable for a variety of different decor styles. Overall, if you’re looking for a fresh and universally appealing color to complement your gray leather furniture, it’s hard to beat blue.


If you prefer a cheerful warm color consider introducing yellow to your gray leather furniture. While butter yellow can look quite nice on a light gray sofa, brighter, stronger yellows are amazingly chic when presented alongside gray. The yellow and gray color combo is particularly on trend at the moment, so it’s a great way to incorporate excitement into an existing furniture arrangement without making big changes. Even a single yellow pillow in a monochromatic gray arrangement can make your gray leather furniture look more vivid and appealing.

Because the bright yellow on gray look is so on trend, it may work best for modern leather furniture styles with cleaner lines. However, you can still use yellow for your gray furniture accent color if you have a more traditional furniture style. Goldenrod and other yellow jewel tones are the ideal choice to add some bright, lively elegance to your traditional furniture.


Regal and cool, purple offers a range of luxe options to consider for your gray leather furniture. Purple gives you the opportunity to really embrace sumptuous fabrics to add an additional textural dimension to the smooth firmness of leather. For example, silk and velvet pillows in shades of purple can create a beautiful finish for a gray leather sofa or chair.

Lavender and royal purple are often your best bet for complementing gray furniture, but you can also make shades like eggplant work well if you execute it properly. Deep purple looks great with darker shades of gray. The combination of the two allows for a slight tonal variation which introduces some faint pops of color into a carefully decorated modern or traditional room.

Experimenting With Color

Any of these colors will look beautiful on their own when paired with a gray leather sofa or chair, but you can make a bigger decorative impact if you experiment. Whether you blend different complementary colors, use rainbow-hued prints or go for black, gray leather is a fantastic foundation for color.

If you’re just dipping a toe into the technique of decorating with color pops, you may feel a little apprehensive about mixing too many colors with your familiar, neutral gray. However, fortune often favors the bold when it comes to home decor, particularly when you’re working within relatively safe boundaries that focus on mixing gray with colors known to look beautiful together. You can mix blue and pink, for example, to create a balanced warm and cool approach to a beachy color palette.

Introducing Color Accents

So how do you add these lovely colors to your gray leather furniture? Pillows and throw blankets are a wonderful choice because they cover both form and function for an efficient approach to decor. You’ll get extra soft comfort for your sofa while also introducing some style in the form of an accent color. Both pillows and throws come in a range of different prints and textures you can use to further distinguish your gray leather furniture arrangement. Try draping a deep purple throw blanket across the back of your sofa and adding some royal blue and white printed pillows near the arms. Experiment with a blend of yellow and blue stripes to make the room feel more exciting. The only limit is your imagination.

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