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4 Inspired Tips for Using Square Leather Cocktail Ottomans in Your Home

4 Inspired Tips for Using Square Leather Cocktail Ottomans in Your Home


Ottomans are functional and attractive pieces of furniture that come in a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes.  Notably used as a multifunctional bench for spare seating and foot stool capabilities, ottomans are also used as makeshift coffee tables.  Many ottomans also feature unique design functions like hinged lids that open to large, hidden storage spaces that can house magazines, books, shoes, and spare pillows.

One of the more popular ottoman styles today is the square-shaped leather upholstered ottoman.  Offering a chic and polished look to any living room, square leather ottomans are worthy investments that can offer a plethora of storage and design opportunities. 

Read on below to learn an array of inspired ways to use your own ottoman to perfectly punctuate and accentuate the look and feel of your home. 

4 Inspired Ways To Use Square Leather Ottomans

Adding Color and Textural Contrast To Rooms

Ottomans constructed of leather add instant luxury and appeal to the rooms they are situated in.  Soft, upholstered leather gives an opulent feel that is richly distinctive.  Leather provides a textural profile to the other materials found in home-décor such as canvas, linen, silk, and more. 

The color of your ottoman can create a huge difference in the overall proportions of the room it’s in and can serve to create the illusion of a bigger or small living space.  Use an all-black leather ottoman as a way to create a stunning visual focal point within a room, or consider a neutral colored ottoman in a beige or cream hue to add just the right finishing touch.

Creating Additional Storage Opportunities Without Sacrificing Aesthetic Appeal

The storage opportunities found within storage ottomans are extremely useful.  Hinged-lid ottomans that open to reveal large storage spaces are a wonderful way to creatively stow the various pillows, shoes, magazines, and knickknacks that often lead to clutter.  With an easy flick of your wrist, you can open the lid of a storage ottoman and neatly store your belongings. 

The design aesthetic of this type of ottoman enables it to appear to be a beautiful piece of accent furniture while obscuring the the lid and the storage underneath. 

Creating Additional Seating

In addition to its quality, unique appearance, and luxurious appeal, square leather ottomans provide additional seating opportunities.  You can enjoy the functionality of extra seating in the great style.

Using An ottoman As a Double Duty Coffee Table

The concept of using ottomans as multifunctional coffee tables has been fast-growing in popularity.  Popular home décor magazines often feature square leather ottomans as chic, polished accent pieces that perfectly tie together eclectic, transitional, and traditional living room spaces. 

For many home decorators, having a coffee table in conjunction with a large ottoman may not be feasible due to size and space constraints.  Opting for an ottoman that provides coffee table functionality is a wise investment that will pay off significantly in terms of versatility and space-saving.  

Check Out The Different Design Constructions and Leathers That Ottomans Come In

Ottoman Designs

Ottoman Leathers

Button-tufted and pillow-top ottomans

Smooth finish

Table & tray ottomans

Pebbled finish

Storage ottomans

Top grain leathers

Glider ottomans

Broad range of protection levels

Slider ottomans

Wide array of colors

The many advantages of purchasing a square leather ottoman are clear through its unmatched levels of utility, functionality, and versatility.  Providing ample storage opportunities, with a dash of color and textural contrast to tie together the décor of your home, these beautiful pieces of accent furniture are well worth your consideration. 

Allow us at Wellington Fine Leather Furniture assist you with your next ottoman purchase.  Our furniture and design professionals can help you find the perfect ottoman for your individual needs.  

Contact us today at 1-800-262-1049 to speak to one of our furniture specialists. You can also visit us at www.fineleatherfurniture.comto submit an email inquiry through our website’s contact form. 

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