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5 Tips to Help You Style With Brown Leather Furniture

When you think about leather furniture, what usually comes to mind?
For most people we talk to, a rich, brown leather sofa is typically the first response. 
Brown leather has been a popular choice for many consumers over the years. 
But we’ve found some people are hesitant to purchase brown leather pieces because they’re not sure how to decorate around it. We have some tips which can help!

5 Tips for Decorating Around Your Brown Leather Furniture

People love brown leather because it looks so natural, is so durable, and tends to look even better as it ages
Still, brown is a color which often stumps people when it comes to decorating their space. The following five tips will help you decorate around your new or existing leather furniture. Put one or two of these tips into practice and we’re positive you’ll love the look of your brown leather even more.

1. Use Lighter Shades for a Gorgeous Contrast

One issue people with brown leather furniture may run into is their space ends up looking really dark.
Sure, some people are able to create a beautiful, dark space, but for the rest of us, too many dark colors isn’t the look we are going for.
To avoid feeling like you’re living in a cave, we recommend contrasting your dark leather with lighter colors
You can add lighter colors in a multitude of ways: 
  • Paint the walls white, yellow, blue, or even a lighter shade of brown.
  • Add light-colored rugs
  • Choose light accent pieces, like pillows, throws, knick-knacks, and artwork .

2. Add Some Natural Elements into Your Space 

Most of our customers who choose brown leather do so because they like the natural look of it. If this is why you’re leaning toward brown leather, use this as inspiration for the rest of your space. 
Add some rustic flare to your living space with reclaimed wood, sliding barn doors, baskets, and natural stone (as opposed to something which is perfectly sanded or polished) round your fireplace. 
Brown leather furniture is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

3. Use Your Leather as an Excuse to Go Bold

There’s something about brown leather which can make a piece of furniture look rustic in one setting and bold and dramatic in another. 
This is great news because it means it can fit whatever style sensitivities you have. If you like bold colors and patterns, you can go wild because, for the most part, they’ll look great around a brown sofa or recliner.
Choose bold patterned rugs, darker or brighter shades of paint on the walls, or metallic accent pieces, like a big, golden sunburst mirror on one of your walls. 

4. Remember Brown Is Technically Considered a Neutral Color

We love this one so much. You read it right – brown is a neutral color choice, just like white or black. This means it can go with just about anything. 
You can choose a totally muted color scheme, using multiple neutral shades for a modern, clean aesthetic. This is not something you can do with a lot of color choices.
Another thing we love about brown being a neutral is it gives you so many options. If you change your mind a lot, it’s not a problem. You don’t have to buy a new sofa. All you have to do is change out your old pillows and other décor for different ones and you have a completely new look. 

5. Don’t Forget to Consider Your Floors

One area where things can get a bit murky is with your floor choice. Your sofa or armchair can get totally lost if it’s the same color as your floor. 
If you want to go all out, you can update your flooring. Another option we recommend is buying a rug to add some contrast.

When It Comes to Personal Style, Don’t Be Afraid to Break Some Rules

The most important thing to remember about decorating is you’re the only person you have to please. We know this can be hard to remember at times. 
After all, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to decorate. 
But your space is yours to do with as you please. If you want to break some rules, by all means – do so. It’s your space and you’re the one who has to live in it. 
Think of the above tips simply as a guide which will help you find a look which is pleasing to your unique aesthetic. Viewing them this way, instead of looking at them as hard and fast rules, will make them easier to implement and make you truly happy with the result.
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