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Ever want to re-due your room when you see the beautiful pictures online of high-end homes?

You’re not alone!  Accessories used with leather furniture together can brighten your room and take it up a notch.

Using Accessories to Renew Your Room

The feeling a leather sofa brings to a room/home is one of good taste and quality. Accessories can enhance that feeling.  Accessories can be complicated or easy.  Just a slight shift in an accessory can change the entire mood of any room.


Let’s look at how easy it is to change the mood!

1.  Swap out throw pillows or add a comfy throw! Accent/throw pillows can add lots of new color to any sofa.  Bold prints, light strips or even leather pillows can change the mood of any room.  Toss pillows come in many sizes and shapes.  The average leather sofa is approximately 82-84”.  A pair of square throw pills either 16 X 16’ or 18 X 18” would be a good fit.  I love changing my throw pillows with the seasons.  It keeps a fresh look and a cheaper way to display trending colors and patterns.

Throws are also a great way to add a splash of color and warmth to your leather sofa.  We love throws even in the summer.  They are comfortable and good looking.  Choose colors that blend with your sofa and pillows, and it will be a hit for sure.

2.  Area rugs can help by defining your room.  The perfect rug can provide a color scheme and set borders.  Solid rugs make your space feel larger while prints and distinct designs will give it a smaller feel. Before you purchase your rug do some homework on the textures and durability you want for the room.  There are so many different weaves available in todays market that there is no doubt that you will find a rug that will add to your room and that you will love. 


3.  Wall color and window treatments.  Depending on the look you’re going for there are numerous window treatment options.  Do you want to frame your windows, or would you rather cover them with curtains?  Do you have a view you want to capture or the strong sun you want to hide to keep in the room cooler?  These are all things to consider when choosing a window treatment.


Wall colors can make or break a room. Consider using only an accent wall for color if you have lots of movement throughout your space.  Otherwise keep in mind your walls are your backdrop so keep it in the same tones that you are using in your leather furniture.  Fresh and functional!


4.  Wall art is another way to introduce your personality to your room.  It can include framed pictures, tapestries, wall hangings or even something as simply as dried flowers in a beautiful basket.  Wall accessories are personal and what makes you feel the most comfortable.  I like using a mixture of framed pictures with other wall hangings that include textures and lots of color.


Mirrors are another good option.  They can make your room feel bigger and they come in many shapes and sizes to fit those areas that need something a little different.  They can be formal or not.  Expensive or cheap but they will always reflect the best of you.


5.  Lighting is next!  You can set any mood with the right lighting.  The right lighting can be bright like daytime or dim and romantic.  You can even layer lighting.  It can make a powerful statement.  Whether you are reading, playing games with the family, or simply watching TV lighting is an important part of any room.


Lamps are fashionable and functional.  Shades can be fun and stylish.   Lamps can be made from almost anything.  Candlesticks, shells, helmets, ceramic and even glass.  You are sure to find that picture-perfect lamp for your space and theme.

Refresh with Accessories

Most of the suggestions I have made can be accomplished on any budget, large or small.  Decorating is what you make it.  You can go all out, or you can give yourself a budget and it can even be done in phases.

The thing to remember is it's all about you and what makes you smile at the end of the day.  You and your family’s comfort are what matters the most.   

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