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Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture

American Made Leather Furniture

If you are searching for high end furniture that lasts you should be looking for American made quality. Domestic made leather furniture is considered the top of the line. Don’t get me wrong there are other furniture manufactures located outside of the United States that make good furniture, just not great furniture. Handmade North Carolina furniture is exceptional.

American made furniture companies are trying to once again gain control of the marketplace with port slowdowns and rising import freight costs affecting many international suppliers. Leather furniture companies made in America are touting their capabilities to buyers with an increasing demand in the consumer marketplace. There is defiantly a rise and interest in finer products that are domestically produced. Wages in China are increasing as is regulation and environmental control. These factors add to the end cost of the furniture and makes imports not as attractive at the bottom line for retailers or consumers.

Custom Furniture Orders

High end furniture manufactures are more willing to make changes and do more custom furniture building than the lower end furniture companies. They have the specialized equipment and tools and their employees are trained to work outside of just the norm through generations of furniture building. American made leather furniture varies by manufacture but I can share with you the process of constructing the high end leather furniture we sell. This video is an example of one company that is located in North Carolina that we have sold for many years. One difference I would like to point out is they are using engineered hardwoods while most other leather furniture manufactures including our Wellington’s Leather Collection are using solid hardwood frames only. We find that attention to detail is where it’s at. Just like ordering a wedding cake, you want it special for that special day, or like a monogram piece of clothing you want it just different enough that it is indeed a custom piece made just for you the way you want it. There are a lot of people who make leather furniture, but we have to set ourselves apart. We are The Leather Furniture Experts. Just because you order a custom piece of leather furniture you don’t have to wait months for delivery if the factory is located in the US. Imports have wait times of months, not weeks.

In Stock and Priority Delivery’s

For the consumer not wanting a real in depth custom piece of leather furniture but still high quality we have a large selection of in stock offerings that include sofas, recliners and leather club chairs. From cocktail ottomans to complete living room sets you can expect the same attention to detail and high quality standards. Domestic manufactures have numerous advantages including control over the manufacturing process and avoiding import freight and tariffs. Another advantage is having shorter more flexible delivery times and not having to deal with dockworkers and customs.

From coast to coast furniture shoppers want the most for the dollars. American made means all of the components for the leather furniture used should be from the United States. 100% from America from the hardwoods of the Appalachians to the springs and even the thread used to sew. Leather hides themselves are from all over the world and some of the finest are of European origin so don’t expect the leather to be a domestic product but the furniture should be built in the United States and preferably North Carolina.

Domestic Value

Keeping America working. North Carolina is a non-union state so labor wages are not through the roof. Employees at the furniture factories are paid by their experience and expertise. Some factories pay by the piece. Over 70% of the employees that we do business with have been with these very same furniture companies for their entire furniture career. My point, you can expect to pay more for quality but that is the way it has always been. You always get what you pay for. Go cheap, get cheap. Just remember just because it looks the same and the leather feels the same there is a difference. Mark my word there is a difference. Our customers tell us they are impressed with not only our prices, but also with the quality of our materials, which plays such an important role in the comfort and long- term life of an upholstered piece of leather furniture. Let’s keep America strong and support our shores with buying quality built products made in America. 

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