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Buying Leather Furniture Online - A Furniture Shoppers Guide

Choosing leather furniture should be fun and not a hassle. Don’t just click and add a piece of furniture into your shopping cart. Understand what you are buying. After all, leather furniture is a big ticket item and why would you buy leather furniture from a store that sells everything from beds to pictures when you can spend less time and money at a leather specialty store?


Buying furniture, including leather furniture online, is a great way to spend less time and money trying to select new furniture for your home or office. There are many resources for genuine leather furniture. If you are looking for real leather be sure you read deep into the description of the furniture you are considering. Top quality furniture is genuine top grain leather everywhere with 8 way hand tied construction. Dropping down to the mid-range you will find less attention to construction details and more vinyl or splits and perhaps bonded leathers are used. Then the lower or promotional leather furniture companies that are found in big box stores or stores of the name brand will have even less attention to construction techniques. Mostly the leathers look and feel the same but they are not. Like grading eggs, leather hides also require a grading system. Higher end leather furniture products use only premium leather for upholstering of their furniture products while lower or promotional furniture goods use leathers with more scars, urine burns or insect markings which allows a much lower price per square foot and a larger hide yield because they do not cut around these imperfections in the leather hide that the higher quality leather furniture manufactures must.


Before you click make sure you have the furniture facts. There are lower end leather furniture stores for those looking for just a leather sofa that will not last more than a few years. Medium price stores for the furniture shopper looking for more than a promotional priced leather furniture set and the upper or higher quality leather stores for the higher end furniture shopper. The high end shopper should seek out a leather specialty showroom. These sales associates and designers know their furniture products much better than those that deal in all sorts of furnishings. There are only a few of these specialty stores.  There is no charge, it's free to shop around online.  You can often gain good knowledge, but a pitfall is there is also bad advise published on the internet.  Don't try to over educate yourself, go to the leather furniture experts.  Most of the time you will find your best pricing from these stores because they work on volume sales.  They sell many pieces of leather furniture per day instead of just a leather sofa or sectional sofa here and there. 


Custom leather furniture can be purchased online. Simple custom features include leather color, nail trim and wood finish. For more custom leather furniture options you must call the store. That is why a leather specialty store is important, not just an online site that sells everything. They will not be able to accommodate your requests above those mentioned. To change height, width or depth or any other custom features you truly need a leather specialty gallery. Buying factory direct sure does help with ordering custom furniture. These American furniture manufactures are set up to handle special requests other than just a wood finish or color change. Consider this other advantage when buying factory direct. A lot of the time there is already stock made up. If you are lucky enough to find the style and color you like whether you are looking for a leather sofa, chair or even a sectional that reclines these items are ready to ship direct to you immediately. Also, a lot of the time these furniture items are priced at a reduced cost so they will sell quickly. Although you can’t kick the tires when shopping online this style of furniture shopping is growing by the minute. Most online stores will accept returns if you don’t like the product. You should be proactive. Measure things you have now and love, then check the dimensions against those published online this will help save you from making a mistake. Take advantage of customer service by calling or chatting. Get a feel for the knowledge of the salesperson, if they don’t know their stuff rethink buying from them. You should be comfortable with the store you choose because this is a large purchase. Specialty stores are the way to go. You would not go to Sears to buy a car. Seek out the leather furniture experts when you want to buy leather furniture online.


There are some styles of furniture that never change or go out of style, like the Ball In Claw Sofa and there are fresh new styles that go in and out of style year after year, like the Denver Sofa. If you choose to buy medium to high end furniture sets make sure you buy a color you love because this quality made leather furniture will last a very long time. Unless you just enjoy changing your room or home decorating. If you decide on a promotional or lower price line you can be trendy because these sofas and sectionals will not last more than a few years. You must remember these lower end products also do not carry any sort of warranty. So, it is a short term purchase. Any issues with the product are on you.


Saving money on leather furniture can be easier than you think. While looking and shopping for leather furniture be sure to ask all the right questions. Be aware of what you are buying. There is furniture for everyone, prices from low to high and styles that go from mild to wild. Enjoy the convenience of online furniture shopping and enjoy the savings on leather furniture. Remember don’t always jump at the lowest price. Do your homework and enjoy the comfort that only leather furniture can offer. Take your time and you will enjoy your new leather furniture made just for you at a great price. 

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