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Choosing the Right Seat Cushion for Your Quality Leather Chair or Sofa

You’ve just found the perfect recliner, sofa, or sectional. 
It’s beautiful. It fits your décor to a T. You’ve checked the dimensions at least twice to make sure it will actually fit into your space. And guess what? It does!
You may think the next step to take is to make your order and schedule a delivery of your new high-end leather furniture.
If you make your purchase now, though, you’re actually missing a vital step in the furniture buying process: Choosing the cushions.  

Choosing the Very Best – Why Seat Cushions Matter So Much

Cushions are important to your sofa, sectional, and leather chairs for a number of reasons. 
First and foremost, they’re essential for your comfort. 
If you have back issues, you know the importance of back support. Without support, you can end up exacerbating an already debilitating condition.
When you have cushions which don’t support your skeletal structure properly, you can end up hurting more than your back, too. 
When one area of the body is out, it affects the other areas. It isn’t uncommon for someone with back problems to end up with painful knees, shoulders, or ankles, as well. 
Sometimes, a couch or chair becomes so uncomfortable some people have to buy special seat cushions that offer extra support. These cushions aren’t very attractive, and really, if you start out with the right cushion in the first place you shouldn’t need this extra support. 
Another reason why you don’t want to overlook your cushion choice is because choosing the right back and bottom cushions will make your furniture look great.
Cushions which are under-filled or filled with the wrong material for a certain style can end up making the piece look saggy. 
No one wants to sit in saggy furniture. It looks old, over-used, and cheap. It’s bad enough when old furniture starts to look this way. In no way should a brand new leather sofa or chair look like a sagging lump in your living space.  When you buy quality this is far less likely to happen.

What Are Your Seat Cushion Options for High-End Leather Furniture?

To ensure your leather chair, sofa, or sectional looks and feels great, consider these cushion choices. They’re made especially for high-end leather furniture – like the piece you fell in love with.

1. Standard Cushions Made of Poly-Fiber

A poly-fiber cushion is made of polyurethane foam. This foam is sturdy yet breathable. It offers a good amount of support, which often makes it the filler of choice for people with back issues.
The great thing about this material is we can modify this material to fit your needs. If you need it firmer or softer – we can accommodate you. 

2. Extra-Firm Poly-Fiber Cushions 

This is made of the same material but the compression is increased for added support.

3. Get More Support with a Spring Fiber Cushion

If you decide even the extra-firm poly-fiber cushions aren’t firm enough for you, you’re in luck – we have even more options. 
By adding springs to the cushion, we up the firmness ante quite a bit, to just right.
The springs are then encased in polyurethane according to the comfort and firmness level you desire.

4. Qualux Foam Offers Superior Resiliency 

This cushion option is one of the best for holding its shape over time. Plush fiber is inserted in the top and bottom, giving it a high crown and a soft seat.
It’s an incredibly soft and comfortable, but completely resilient with use.
If you want a bit more comfort and luxury, we can add some down or microfiber to your cushion. 

5. Ultra-Spring Down or Micro-Down Back Cushions Are So Comfortable

Do you like dense-looking cushions? These cushions are often described as “meaty.” 
They contain microfiber or down, as well as springs. They feel firm yet comfy.

High-Quality Leather Furniture Deserves the Most Comfortable Cushions

Finding the perfect sofa, sectional, or chair is exciting. You’re proud of the piece you’ve found, and of the fact you didn’t settle on quality just to get a cheap price. 
Now it’s time to make your furniture investment count, and the best way to do this is by choosing the best seat cushions. 
Choosing the right cushions will make your new furniture even more comfortable, luxurious, and visually appealing. 
Whenever you decide to buy a new piece of furniture and find one which is affordable and high quality – add to its value by ensuring you have high-quality cushions, too. 
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