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Decorating With Brown Leather Furniture-How To Bring Out The Beauty In Brown!

Decorating With BrownIts common knowledge that leather furniture is the most durable upholstery, comfortable seating and longest lasting. Leather furniture will always add character to any space. Brown leather comes in many shades and finishes. There are consistent colors, vintage or distressed looks and matte finishes that cast a more traditional look with a high gloss patina. Leather can be used in a modern setting or in a true traditional home. Leather is also widely used as office seating because of the durability factor and longevity. It adapts well with most any design style.

Brown Leather is Neutral

The first thing you should remember is that brown leather is a neutral color, much like gray. Both of these colors work really well with a variety of other colors. Not only does it play well with other neutrals but also brings life to bold or bright colors. Brown leather furniture is as popular as it ever was going back to the Old English pub days in old London. That being said, now to decide which shade of brown? Browns run from camel colors into deep chocolate shades. Lighter wall colors really allow brown leather to pop and get noticed. Leather furniture not only brings style to your room but using it with other textures and finishes brings additional interest and an eclectic feel to your space.

Although leather furniture is stunning on a bare wood floor, rugs are trending now and popular in all patterns and prints. You may be thinking you should use a heavier rug with warm colors but you don’t have to. Take a look at lighter rugs or even texture rugs like sisal that incorporate different shades of whites and off white linen colors that are brighter and lighter.

Decorate Using Objects of Interest

Decorating Using PlantsTake advantage of what already exists in your room. Update the fireplace with a new mantel or color that surrounds the firebox. Add warm window treatments, wooden blinds or even sconce lighting to add a reflective lighting option to your room. The brown leather set itself will add an abundant amount of warmth and with the perfect rug the mood of your room will be bright and uplifting. Take some tips from nature. Plants are a friendly addition to any room, they not only introduce nature to your space but can bring new shades of colors that are not always common and can be very exotic. Adding lighter furniture pieces helps lighten as well, and it’s easy to bring together the dark leather in by using other dark elements in the space. I always like to add a splash of black somewhere, somehow.

Brown Leather Furniture

Decorating BoldlyBrown top grain leather works on all styles of furniture. The spectrum of browns is so large there are literally dozens of different brown hues that leather tanneries produce. Contrast is good. Don’t try to match floors with your leather furniture or your walls the contrast allows your furniture to pop. Use a wood finish with your leather that will blend with the leather not match something that is already there. You want the attention to be on the leather not the wood. Make it a point to incorporate a mix of patterns that will draw the eye around the room. Spread the love, focus on another color that you enjoy that could be used with the brown and scatter it throughout the room.

Go Bold With Browns

Once you have selected that bold color to use with the brown use various shades, patterns and textures of it. I am really liking blue with brown and a little touch of greens. Decorating with brown is really easy, just start with the heavy things first like the leather furniture then decide the bold color you will be using then start to have fun. Remember brown is neutral and can be mixed with textures and prints. It can be contemporary or traditional and a great value.

Decorating With Brown LeatherTake your time and if you are unsure of your decisions hire a decorator to help with color choices. Wellington’s offers free design help if you can provide photos of your room or better yet your room to scale and they will help with color and furniture placement. Your home is the ultimate medium for self-expression. Do it right and you will save money in the long run.


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