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Furnishing the Family Room With Genuine Leather Furniture

When it comes to furnishing the family room, leather furniture is one of the best options. Leather is a material that is simple to clean and keep in good condition. A one-of-a-kind leather furniture set can also give your living space a unique look.

Leather furniture also provides the perfect conversation piece. Your guests will not only admire your taste but will also be curious as to why you decided on leather in the first place.


Leather furniture is available in a variety of styles, including sectionals, chairs, and ottomans. Because genuine leather is natural, every piece has a unique surface pattern and color. Leather furniture also stands the test of time. If properly maintained, you may never have to get a new sofa again!

We can show you how to choose leather that not only matches your taste but also enhances the appearance of your family room.
Continue reading to learn how to design your real leather living room furniture.

Colors Are Key

When considering leather furniture, many consumers believe they will only find a few colors available—namely, black and brown.

However, you can get your new leather sofa or chair in many colors.

For example, Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture offers color options in grey, cream, burgundy, blues, and more! You should always choose the color that most closely matches your living room.

Muted colors will more likely blend with your decor, while bold colors make your new furniture the focal point of your family room.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Every house or condo differs in size. If you live in a small condo or apartment, for example, a sectional might not be the best option for you. Sectionals are quite large and require a lot of space.

On the other hand, if you have a large living room, using only a recliner or loveseat won’t work. It is important to measure your space before committing to genuine leather furniture. 

Always make sure that your new piece comfortably fits into your home before buying.

Choose Furniture To Match Your Aesthetic

House decor is highly subjective. Some colors and formats of leather furniture are better suited to certain aesthetics than others. 

Consider some of our suggestions for different styles of decor:


If you want to reflect an updated style, we suggest buying lighter colors for your new furniture. 

You can also choose interesting or modern designs. Leather chairs, such as these fantastic leather accent chairs, offer you a stylish way to spice up your space.


For those looking to spruce up a bachelor pad, we recommend going for a classic masculine aesthetic. Black and dark brown leather furniture will perfectly match a room that needs a masculine touch.

For those wanting to add a delicate touch to the family room, consider the style and color of the furniture you search for. Many pieces from the American Luxury collection perfectly match an elegant style and can easily be adapted to any decor after adding accessories.


For classical-styled homes, we always recommend choosing a vintage-style sofa or chairs. For example, the Chesterfield or Camelback sofas introduce the perfect delicate touch. Adding a leather ottoman is also a tasteful way to make your living room look refined.

Accents and Accessories

Accents make an ideal option for decorating around leather. By adding throw pillows or velvet-like blankets to your new sectional, you can make sure your leather furniture matches your family room perfectly!

Choosing a muted base color for your new leather furniture gives you a great neutral starting point if you like to decorate with patterned or bold accessories. 

Always make sure you choose your new sofa with your house’s decor in mind.

Where To Find American Made Leather Furniture

At Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture, we only sell genuine leather furniture. We are a women-owned company that supplies products made of real leather. If you want long-lasting and elegant furniture for the family room, leather is the answer.

Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture provides shipping throughout the USA. Call our toll-free number today at 800-262-1049 and get a price quote for your new leather furniture.

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