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Have a Small Living Room? Leather Chair Arrangement Ideas You Should Try

Who doesn't enjoy a cozy room full of warmth and individuality? We sure do.

But we also know small-scale living rooms can pose decorative challenges. If you find yourself in this situation, fret no more. We have a tip: leather chairs.

That's right, even leather furniture is fit for a small interior. Having qualms about this claim? Read on.

Fireplace Charm

More and more homes are incorporating fireplaces as focal points in the main room. Some even use it as a replacement for the TV set.

After all, fireplaces are evocative of camp fires, where everyone gathered to have a good time.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, fireplaces are a smart investment for tiny homes. The same goes for leather chairs.

If you go for impactful contrasts, even more so. By contrast, we mean both texture and color.

Take  this leather chair and couple it with a white-tile fireplace and glass coffee table.

Could this be a winning combination for your space?

By the Window

In a small-size apartment, light is what water is for plants. Meaning, it's essential.

So, if you have one or two leather chairs, try moving them by the window, near a desk, or a library.

If you're in for redecoration, try out some striking light blinds and maybe consider ordering a custom library with shelves which frame the window up to the ceiling.

The perfect counterpart would be this modern leather chair.

Balance Proportions

Just moving out into a small flat? Great. Now enjoy your new home until it gets crowded by furniture that overwhelms your space.

But wait! No need for that. Start over for good and shop for small scaled items:

  • small coffee table
  • minimal set of shelves
  • small loveseat

This way, you can also fit in  leather chairs like these:


There's no need to rave about the wonders light colors do for narrow spaces.

But what about turning the smallest of living rooms into a zen spot? You just need some white:

  • blinds
  • carpets
  • lamps
  • walls

The list could be any length you wish. Of course, not every item is going to be white. Wood-colored floors are still needed to help everything gel.

The truth is white offers a myriad of design options.

This way, you won't have to stress over matching every new furniture piece or accessory - white helps you provide a coherent vibe while also playing with your imagination.

Our recommendation is this cordovan leather chair with tufted back.

Some potted plants around would also look stylish and relaxing. So, don't be surprised when your seemingly small living room will become the meeting point of many gatherings to come.

Compartmentalize with Leather Chairs

Don't be afraid of compartments. Even in tight apartments it's worth trying to reshape the space distribution.

Create a corner out of a sofa or a chair and ottoman used as coffee table. If your room allows it, hang some pictures of your choice and voilà! There's your second room within another room.

So, next time you think you'll have to give up your leather items because of space issues, think twice. Or skim through our offers and see what works best for you.

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