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How To Add Color To Your Coastal Home

Decorating With Coastal Colors

Leather sofas and sectionals are available in many different shades and finishes of leather.  One of our favorite things about coastal decorating is the color palette.  The coast offers some of the most beautiful choices in colors.  From the warm browns of the sea oats to the bright blue sky.  Coastal color inspirations can be found everywhere.

While most coastal décor draws from the pastel palette, it can still be hard to determine what types of colors to use in your home, how much of one color for the primary and where to use it.  The key is balance.  Once you select the primary color then balance with other colors to compliment the primary color.  Choose the color you love for the primary and all the other things will fall into place.


Coastal Colors With Leather Furniture

Think About The Room You Are Designing

Is your room large or small?  What is the function of the room?  How much seating do you need?   The way you use the room plays an important part in the colors you choose to use. 

Coastal should be cozy.  We would suggest using bold and brighter colors throughout your room while grounding your leather sofa or sectional with cooler colors.  Smaller ways to use bold colors would be through throws, art and toss pillows.  Remember balance is key to a cozy coastal room.

Coastal Living Rooms

Choosing The Perfect Leather Group

First determine how many seats you need to provide seating for family and friends.  Then decide if you need a sofa and chair or a sectional sofa.  A sectional can also work as a room divider between a kitchen and family room as well as a gathering place.  Determine the best use of your space and functionality.  Then count your family members to make sure everyone has a seat in your room.  Always keep in mind you want colors that will work throughout your home.  It is important to keep continuity during your design process.

So, for large pieces like a leather sofa and loveseat or sectional sofa we suggest you choose a bold color then use cooler colors for accents. You can even choose a piece of art that the subject is on the lighter color palette and frame it using a bolder color.

I always use something black somewhere in my room to ground it.  In my great room I use mostly lighter pastel colors throughout.  My leather sectional is in a light champagne leather and my throw pillows are in coastal colors.  I also have a rug that is a light color.  My curtains have lots of pastel colors.

My fireplace mantel is white while the frame color around the opening is black slate.  That is where the black is in my coastal room is and it works well.

Leather Furniture at the Beach

Make Decorating Your Room Fun

Spend the big bucks on the larger most used pieces of furniture in your room.  A good leather sofa is a great investment and will last for decades if well cared for.  The little things like the pillows, throws and accessories cost less and can easily be changed making your look more flexible.

Enjoy the decorating experience, then kick back and enjoy the warm and cozy room you have created.

If you would like free design help reach out to the ladies of leather at Wellington's, we would LOVE to help create the room of your dreams!

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