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Leather Education - Get The Real Facts

Leather Education Facts

There are many different types of leathers available in todays marketplace.  Understanding leather is key to making the right decision when shopping for sofa.

Fact: Corrected grain leathers will always price lower than pure aniline leathers.  Corrected grain leathers almost always have protection and are cleanable unlike a pure aniline leather that does not.


There is no wrong or right answer to the question of which leather is better.  It is a matter of which finish you prefer with your lifestyle.  A protected leather will stay looking the same through the life of the piece while a pure aniline leather will have a wear story.  The pure aniline hides will take on the environment around the home and show marks and scratches while protected leather will not.

Leather is still the strongest sheet material known to man for durability. Leather has always been used for things in our lives that need to be strong and long-lasting.  Like shoes, saddles, and furniture.  Not only is leather strong but a versatile natural upholstery material that is also a renewable resource.  The leather used for building leather furniture is a by-product of the food industry; no cattle are sacrificed for their hides only.

Corrected Grain Leathers

Corrected Grain Leathers: These like all cowhides are exposed to the elements.  Some animals get into more trouble than others during their lives. Through their life they could encounter barb wire, ticks, brands, and insect bites.  These natural markings could cause these hides to be discarded for something other than upholstery.  To make them suitable for upholstering the hides are lightly sanded down and then embossed with a natural looking grain pattern.  This will camouflage any remaining blemishes making these hides less expensive and suitable for upholstering.

After this process, the hides are given a protective topcoat and additional color which also will cause them to be a bit stiffer than hides that are not corrected.  Some more premium corrected hides are tumbled for additional softness.  These are the most economical hides and should always price at the lowest grade.

Still durable, easy to clean and at a lower price point makes these leathers a good option for the price conscience leather furniture shopper.

Aniline Dyed Leathers

Aniline Dyed Leathers:
Considered the cream of the crop of all cowhides, a favorite of leather connoisseurs.   Aniline leathers are beautiful to look at and feel fabulous.  Pure aniline leathers will have little to no scars visible or lots of natural markings even brands with some patterns. They are tumbled for softness for up to 12 hours in large drums.  All the hides that become pure aniline furniture coverings are buttery soft and will show a wear story through the years.

Leather connoisseurs appreciate and respect these hides for what they are.  Beautiful natural hides that are only treated with dyes.  No other additives, no corrected grains, just pure natural beauty.  Each hide is individual and unique.  Actually, they are so individual that one side of the hide could take color differently than the other. 

These leathers tell a story of the animal as they lived.  One side could have been exposed to more harsh weather and the dye could take darker or lighter.  When these hides are pulled for upholstering, although the same dye-lot is used the color pattern throughout each hide can vary a few shades in either direction.

It is important to understand that when ordering a pure aniline leather for your new leather sofa.  It is not good for high traffic areas or direct UV sun exposure.  Only spill or eat on these hides if you will be OK with the area of a spill darkening the color of the hide.

Aniline Plus or Semi Aniline Leathers

Aniline Plus or Semi Aniline Leathers:
These well protected leathers are drum dyed and tumbled for softness.  All have been treated with an additional topcoat to seal the color and protect the surface.  A great choice for active households.  These leathers can be used on traditional or modern leather sectionals and sofas creating a beautiful look and durable option.  The colors range from mild to wild and are also better for sun exposure.  These leathers do not scratch or stain easily.

Nice clean premium hides are used to create these aniline plus and semi aniline leathers.  These leathers can be consistent in color or have slight shade variations throughout each hide depending on the pattern you select.

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