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Leather Furniture Care - Cleaner And Conditioner For Your New Leather Furniture

Cleaning and Conditioning Leather FurnitureYou have invested in high quality leather furniture? It’s so easy to extend the life of your new sofa or sectional with very little effort. Cleaning and conditioning your new leather furniture should become part of your routine. Always dust it when you dust your other furniture but if you have hard spills or your leather feels dry, clean it with a soft cleaner then add a little conditioner.

Although leather breaths naturally through it pours it too can become dry just as our skin does when exposed to the elements. Leather stays soft by taking in the water droplets from the air. If you keep your home hot or live in a part of the country that is very dry your leather furniture needs a little TLC occasionally.

I condition my leather sofa and chair once every quarter, about four times per year. Its quick and easy and my leather never dries out. I do the same with my leather car seats. They, like my leather furniture, still look new after several years. A little time and money spent for keeping your leather furniture well-maintained is well worth it.

Proper furniture maintenance is an essential part of owning quality leather furniture. Leather will last for decades if it is cared for properly. Don’t stress if you don’t have time to do the conditioner thing four times each year even once or twice will keep your leather looking great.

Leather Cleaning ProductsCleaning your new leather sofa and chair

There are very few products that are endorsed by the leather tanneries of the world. Using a cleaner or leather conditioner that is not endorsed by these tanneries will void any leather warranty you have between yourself and the manufacturer of your new leather furniture. It is critical that you only use the products that are approved by top brands, manufactures, and tanneries.

Buying conditioner or leather cleaning products just off the shelf at box stores or other often contain large amounts of alcohol and other chemicals that will break down the dyes and protectors that are added to leather hides for preservation. Once this process begins without a tremendous cost, and a hope and a prayer, more than likely the damage cannot be reversed. Leather chairs and sofas only need to be conditioned where dry and cleaned only where spills occur. The most important key to maintaining your leather furniture is to buy the CORRECT care products that will not cause harm to your leather and void your warranty with the brand and the leather tannery.

To avoid your leather drying out keep it away from direct UV sun rays and keep you home cooler rather than hot. Leather is still the best upholstery for active households. It brings class and a great look to any room in your home. A room full or just an accent chair leather brings a warmth that fabric upholstery just doesn’t have. Modern, traditional, or shabby chic leather is a part of most homes. A little care will keep it looking fabulous for decades.

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