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My Leather Sofa Is Falling Apart...

Almost every day our phone rings with consumers having issues with seems splitting, pillows loosing shape, leather cracking and cushions sagging. Each and every person on the other end of the line insists they bought a high end leather sofa and it’s falling apart. But let me be clear, they were mistaken and really did not purchase the quality they thought. They bought their leather furniture elsewhere and call us for help with problems they are having now after the fact.

So we let them go on and rant and rave a few moments. Long enough for them to say that the company they bought it from is out of business or will not assist them with the problems they are experiencing. I guess they think because we are THE Leather Furniture Experts we can help them get out of a bad situation or bad decision. You get what you pay for, period!

I actually was lucky enough (ha-ha) to talk to one of these consumers just yesterday and here is how it went. The gentleman said he bought a high quality leather sofa set at a large online store only 11 months ago and it is falling apart. The site said it was Leather Rich or leather like so he thought it was all top grain leather and he was even sold a 5 year bumper to bumper extended warranty for $200.00 for the living room furniture he purchased. Well he only now finds out that Leather Rich does not mean all leather, he is now told that just means that this is a leather product. It’s actually man made not genuine leather at all and the extended warranty he purchased does not apply to his original leather furniture purchase because it’s not genuine leather. So he now realizes that the leather furniture he bought is not real leather and the $200.00 warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. Basically this man has been burned by leather furniture that he bought elsewhere and sold a warranty that excludes bonded and similar leather blends. This man was not told the difference between bonded and similar leathers as compared to top grain leather. I guess it’s his own fault for not asking. You can never just assume, those days are long gone, unless it just doesn't matter to you. It sure mattered to this gentleman. Don’t get me wrong these things are occurring on showroom floors as well as online sites. Ask questions or read before you buy furniture.

You Get What You Pay For

So now the customer is confused to such a degree that he is extremely angry and has lost all trust in sales people. I don’t blame him. He was lied to from the furniture store and sold a warranty that does not apply to his purchase and less than a year later his high quality leather living room furniture is coming apart at the seams. All we can do is listen. These consumers are searching for advise from experts in the industry since they choose to buy low end leather furniture now they want us to help them. This particular man I was talking to told me he had contacted Stephanie in our customer service department and she was so helpful and accommodating and he loved the color swatches she sent him but he choose to buy his furniture from this other store because it appeared he was getting the same kind of leather sofa and loveseat for less money. Although by his own admission he did not really ask them many questions and did not compare leathers or construction techniques. He said the pictures looked the same. Online it is very common for other retailers to take images from other sites. It happens with our images all the time and other people use our photography as theirs. Although the photos look the same the inside construction and leather cover are not. Some companies only offer a few grades of leathers to choose from and in a lot of cases these are not even premium hides. Leathers like everything else have premiums. Just like the beef the cows yield, there is filet and there is hamburger. Filet is a choice cut just like premium hides are better than basic. Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture only offers premium leather hides. It turns out not only was his new leather sofa not real leather but the frame was not even real wood. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is. You get what you pay for.

Extended Furniture Warranties – Why?

Another thing you really should consider is not buying is a furniture warranty. Any good American made leather furniture manufacture warrants their leather for the first year. I have been representing the leather furniture industry for over 30 years, if there is a leather defect it will not lay dormant for over a year. A defect in a leather dye lot will show itself promptly and you will not be the only one affected by this as all those customers that had leather sofas, recliners or even sectional sofas made out of this particular batch will all see the same results. The tannery will replace all the leather for every order if the leather is deemed defective. As long as you have purchased from a company that has a great customer service department and a great working relationship with the furniture factories they represent this process should go very smoothlyl. I know as a consumer you have no way of knowing these facts but ask questions. Our sales staff is happy to answer any of your furniture questions. You buy leather furniture not only for its beauty but for its durability. Just as we buy real leather shoes and purses for their durability. Leather furniture is the same way. The more you use it the nicer it becomes. Have you ever ripped a real pair of leather shoes or a true leather belt? I wouldn’t think so. Don’t waste the money on a furniture warranty that you will never use. If you want protected leather that can stand up to high traffic then buy it. A furniture warranty is not going to change the leather you select. High end leather furniture manufactures and high end furniture stores weather online or brick and mortar will assist you with any issues. As I mentioned earlier I have been in this industry for over 30 years and knock on wood I have never had a customer of ours call with a broken frame or a torn leather sofa. Save your warranty money and spend it on nicer higher quality pieces of leather furniture that will last. Shopping at a specialty store also helps. Not all companies promote their products in a responsible manner and they do not spend time on sales training. THE Leather Furniture Experts are always available for questions on the products we sell and you have our promise to be given the truth and straight up leather furniture facts. 

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