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Leather Upholstery-Functional Furniture For Daily Living

Leather Is The Best For FamiliesLeather is the most durable and functional upholstery available for furniture building. There is nothing softer and more functional to sit on than genuine leather. Sofas and sectionals are popular for living room furniture and when upholstered using top grain cowhide you know it's going to last for decades.

Leather recliners and reclining sofas covered in leather have been the best sellers in the motion category for years. Now with the new emphasis on luxury motion pieces with power recline and the articulating headrests leather recliner chairs have hit an all-time high in consumer sales.

Luxury Leather Reclining Sofas And Chairs

Livable luxury furniture made from high end leather is no longer used for entertaining only it is now a way of life for many that want to enjoy quality, durable furniture. Why only use the good china for guests? More homes don’t have formal rooms anymore. We now see more homes with open floor plans that allow gatherings of family and friends in a more relaxed situation. Entertaining is more casual, and leather can be casual, and you will find it is durable and easy to clean. No reason to worry about spilling food or drink when performance upholstery like leather can take the worry out of everyday living.

Whether you have a living room full of leather or just a recliner chair you will find leather is perfect for daily life. There is not a better material for active families.

Leather Furniture Outlasts FabricDurable Leather Furniture

Leather can resist most water based spills and many oil based spills. Semi aniline or aniline plus leathers are the best for busy households. These leathers are still soft and supple and extremely durable. Pure aniline leathers are also very nice and will show a wear story with age. Either pure aniline or semi aniline leathers are superior for wear ability and longevity over any fabric. Leather is the strongest sheet material used for upholstering furniture. Make sure you buy the right leather finish that will meet your expectations, either meant for a wear story or if you want the leather to stay the same throughout the life of your furniture then buy a leather with a semi-aniline finish.

Now that you have decided to buy high quality leather furniture make sure what’s underneath is up to the high standards of top grain leather. You should take a few minutes and read The Definitive Guide to Buying Leather Furniture. You want to allow your family and friends to enjoy your leather sofa as much as you do without keeping it off limits from children and your pets. Leather is that material and through its popularity you can find not only old world traditional looks, now you can find more modern designer looks all covered in top end leather hides.

Leather will always add sophisticated appeal to any interior!

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