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Modern Leather FurnitureModern furniture made using genuine leather is a very popular choice for contemporary decor. Stylish up to date furniture fashions for the person that prefers a crisp, clean look of today’s styles. Modern has found its way into blending with more traditional looks. A leather chesterfield sofa blends very well with modern tables and chairs. A tufted leather sofa is timeless and adds a warm look to your modern or contemporary home.

Contemporary Furniture Designs

Contemporary or modern furniture is trendy but when used with some solid staples like a wing chair or solid pillow sofa the two styles can blend to finish your room with plenty of style and texture. Mixing styles and textures creates lots of interests. Solids, prints and strips can all be used together when it is done right. Grey is by far the most popular new color that is being used in both traditional and modern rooms. Charcoal grey colors can blend very well with lighter shades of grey. Bold bright colors also add to the overwhelming popularity of grey. Most all bold colors on the color wheel add drama to grey and modern furniture. Be sure to incorporate the mix of bright colors and patterns throughout your room to draw attention through your entire space. You can also use wall paint to accent your modern look. The colors you use on your furniture will dictate the wall color but cool colors are always a safe bet.

Contemporary Leather Furniture At WellingtonsModern vs Contemporary Furniture Styles

Really these styles are very much the same it’s just word play:

Similarities include these facts: Both styles are open, light and uncluttered looks that are aesthetically pleasing and are extremely functional. Both make good use of glass, metals and straight legs. Both are also likely to use neutral colors. Most significantly, both create a welcoming feel with the uncluttered looks and clean sharp lines.

Differences found: Modern furniture follows strict design rules that contemporary furniture does not follow. When decorating using modern furniture mix and match is perfectly well accepted. While contemporary style furniture encourages the use of bold colors, while modern designer looks stick mostly with neutral, natural palettes. Modern boosts sharper, straight lines while contemporary leans more towards softer curves.

Almost always you will find that modern is predictable where contemporary is more anything goes.

Modern and Contemporary Living Rooms

Both use natural and spacious uncluttered looks. Upholstered furniture even leather furniture is more likely to be large, comfortable and well-padded yet well in proportion with the space. You don’t want it to appear boxy or overpowering. Sectionals work well against walls or as room dividers. Just keep the lines clean, fashionable and very comfortable. Use high fashion colors if you choose to move away from neutrals and square arms and straight legs. Woods of any type and color are acceptable for wood pieces. Light or dark is fine, just keep it practical.

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