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The 2017 Interior Design Trends to Match Your High-End Leather Sofa

The holiday season is approaching, and this means more family and friends gatherings. Does your home look guest-ready? If you have a high-end leather sofa, half the job is already done.

But this precious furniture item also has to be accompanied by a fitting decor.

And what better way to accomplish a lavish home decor than by aligning timeless furniture pieces to the 2017 interior design trends?

If interior design is your cup of tea, then you should set your imagination free and prepare for a feast.


If you leafed through design catalogs in 2016, you may have noticed there was a white craze going on.

This trend will go on in 2017 as well. The novelty is that a matte finish will be preferred. Plus, it will come in bold combinations with metal.

If you need extra inspiration, we suggest this chic white ottoman.

Dark Green

How do you revitalize a space? Dye it in a vivid color. And what is the most energizing yet calming color? Exactly, green.

Finally, trends have aligned with science, so what better moment to redecorate with green items? Be it large apartment plants or interesting decorations you can place in strategic spots.

Escapism + High-End Leather Sofa = Zen

You may encounter the word "escapism" when looking for spa retreats or something around these lines. But how does it translate to interior design?

More and more spaces will be adjusted to busy lives. In other words, they'll incorporate unwind areas and zen vibes.

How can you achieve that? Here are a few elements you should consider incorporating into your space:

  • wood
  • cushions
  • comfy fabrics
  • love seats
  • skins
  • wool rugs
  • reading nooks
  • large windows

Did anyone say love seats? Wellington's Fine Leather Furniture is your perfect aid at this point with a loveseat to place in your cozy reading nook.

Jewel Glitz

All the razzle-dazzle of past salon decor is making a strong comeback. Candelabras, lamps, white/cream walls. Nothing more dapper than that, isn't it?

Fabric-wise, you'll want to add silk; sheer or soft romantic curtains create the perfect counterpart to the sturdiness of a high-end leather sofa.

The finishing touch could be a metal frame onto a pastel drawing and an elegant ottoman.

And if your sofa looks anything like this one below, be sure your living room will be envied by many.

Organic Fabrics

Speaking of fabrics, you'll notice a growing appeal for organic and simple fabrics in 2017. Wool and skins are very much in and - what's best - they are more than affordable.

Overall, you can notice how significant a high-end leather sofa is for your home. It is the timeless piece in your house, after all.

When you own such an item, you can be not only timeless but also timely. Each year, there will sure be some trends you can align to, without spending fortunes on new large items.

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