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Traditional Leather Furniture: Both a Timeless and Modern Choice for Your Home

Traditional Leather Furniture: Both a Timeless and Modern Choice for Your Home

Traditional Leather Furniture

In the world of style, there are some things that stay and others that go. Hammer pants and platform shoes are long gone and we hope they never come back. While, on the other hand, a classic suit or pencil skirt has been in style since the early 20th century. The same trends can be said for furniture.

The ‘60s saw the rise of art deco designs featuring bright colors and boxy shapes, something you would never see in a modern Brooklyn apartment today. Yet pieces with modern lines, neutral colors, and classic materials have passed the test of time.

The one constant in the ever-changing world of style has always been leather. Whether you go into your grandma’s house with its art deco interior design and white leather sofas, the family room with brown sectional sofas nestled around the coffee table, or your chic friend’s studio apartment with the Italian furniture or leather sofa made of top-grain leather, leather furniture is a timeless choice which transcends generations and decades. The best thing about traditional leather furniture is that it can be both timeless and modern, making it the most versatile and diverse furniture available and will match almost all room ideas.

Leather Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

Achieving a classic style in your home is never easy. It’s simple to go with the flow and follow what’s on trend. Today that could mean clean lines, natural materials, and unique designs. But it’s always good to keep in mind the trends prevalent today can change in an instant.

Before you know it the brightly colored sofa which cost you thousands of dollars could become drab and out of style, and all you’re left with is an uncool piece of furniture which has your friend’s teenage daughter rolling her eyes.

Here at Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, we believe in selling our customers beautiful leather pieces that will last you for decades—both in quality and style. It’s not hard to find something that can fit your personal style preferences and look great in your home with our wide selection of quality leather furniture.

Bring a Modern Design into Your Home or Office

While a lot of people picture a stuffy recliner or puffy couches when they think of leather furniture, today’s leather furniture is available in sleek, modern designs.

With leather designers like McKinley, Classic Leather and Omnia Leather, you can find a piece which works in any space of your home. Whether you’re looking for a new couch, an ottoman, or an entire furniture set, Wellington's has the perfect furniture to give your home the stylish look it deserves.

Leather furniture is also great for durable and stylish office and commercial use. You don’t want an office that looks out of style or lacks design. A drab office space could hurt your customer base and give you a bad reputation.

Wow your employees and clients with beautiful lobby furniture, executive chairs, and conference room sets that will create a modern space where business can be handled. Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture carries a wide array of pieces specifically designed for office and commercial use. With our quality and durable products, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece of leather furniture to infuse modern style into your office.

What Makes Traditional Leather Furniture Such a Classic?

Leather furniture has been a classic choice for furnishing homes and offices for hundreds of years. This is due to its stylish appearance, high-quality construction, durability, comfort, and easy maintenance.

Let’s take a quick peek into the history of leather to understand where it came from and how its uses are still a relevant part of our society today.

Leather was one of human kind’s first discoveries, and an extremely useful one at that. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the harsh elements of nature.

Because of its strength and durability, they crafted clothing, footwear, and shelter from the hides of the wild animals they hunted for food. Since leather is waterproof, ancient civilizations used it to protect them from the rain, as gloves, and even as buckets and bottles to carry water.

Going into more modern times (since the 18th century), leather has been used for upholstery. It started out as a material for seats in transportation like horse saddles, trains, carriages, and cars. It was the preferred material because it was durable, did not absorb odor, and was extremely easy to maintain and clean. During the 19th century, leather became in demand for other things such as footwear, the interior of automobiles, and home furniture.

As you can see, leather has always been the material of choice because of its durability, strength, and fashion. It’s truly an incredible material discovered by humans in ancient times and is still used today. Leather is really a timeless material which has transcended decades and has never fallen away of changing fashion trends. 

Wellington Fine Leather Furniture

If you’re in the need of new furniture, a set, or a replacement piece, consider buying a high-quality piece of leather furniture. Not only will you not have to worry about replacing it for decades, if an accidental spill happens you can clean it up with the simple swipe of a cloth.

Wellington’s leather furniture is durable and constructed out of only the highest quality natural materials such as locally sourced wood for the frames, and revered European leather.

Any furniture fashion expert knows that leather never goes out of style. It’s as timeless in the form of furniture as it is in jackets, shoes, and belts. The best part about leather furniture is there is a piece for everyone, young and old. It comes in a variety of styles, modern to classic, and can be found in different colors to add variety to your home.

Wellington Fine Leather Furniture has the best selection of quality leather furniture in the country. We can help you find the perfect piece of traditional, timeless, and modern leather furniture that will serve you and your family for decades.

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