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Tufted Furniture Both Stylish and Popular

Tufted furniture has been around for hundreds of years. Since then and continued today, tufted leather furniture is common in traditional homes as well as homes with a more modern theme. Tufted leather sofas, cocktail ottomans and leather club chairs are among the most common choices. Button tufted furniture is not only historic but classy and sassy. Whether you like a tight tuft or a loose diamond tuft the effect is the same.

Tufted furniture can soften your room and give it an edgy and more sophisticated look. Adding a sofa with a button back to your space also brings a friendly and comfortable atmosphere along with the prestige associated with tufted furniture. If a tufted sofa is not your cup of tea, consider adding a tufted cocktail ottoman to you living room furniture repertoire. Tufted is trending and adding just one piece to your space can get you into the style zone.

Tufted Furniture is Comfortable

Button tufted furniture was once viewed as having a harder look and sit. That has now been thrown out the window. Tufted furniture is comfortable and in style. If you have a traditional home or a more modern design, if you are trying to keep up with trends, tufted furniture fits. Softer leathers and fabric make for softer tufts. If you chose a stiff leather or fabric for your tufted furniture it will sit firmer, choose a softer hand and the sit will be more relaxed or softer.

Tufting adds depth and design to your room. A distressed leather pulls lighter where the button tufts are attached leaving a deep dimensional darker hue of the leather for the surface surrounding the button tuft. This is an awesome look that works for most any color that you decide to use. When blending tufted furniture into your home’s interior design, remember tufted works in every room, just don’t overdo it. Use it on your main sofa or just use as an accent chair or ottoman. A good rule for introducing tufted furniture into your home is to limit it to two pieces per room. Too much of the same can weaken the effect your tufted furniture can have on the overall look of your space. Chesterfield sofas continue to be the most popular choice in tufted furniture but by all means try a tufted chair or use a tufted cocktail ottoman for a table. 

Tufted furniture is timeless and has a place in most any home no matter what your décor. Change your point of view and try a piece or two of button tufted furniture. The unspoiled traditional style that is now acceptable for even modern living quarters.  

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