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What You Need to Know About Specialty Furniture Shopping

Leather Specialty StoreFor many reasons specialty furniture stores tend to sell higher end products then full line furniture stores. Specialty stores also tend to know their products better and often have better buying power with their suppliers because of the volume they turn over. Stores that sell products from hundreds of different venders may not do a large volume with any one supplier and therefore they are not rewarded with deeper volume discounts. If you want a nice juicy steak you would not go to a seafood restaurant. Specialty shopping is for the seasoned shopper as well as the occasional furniture shopper. Whether you are seeking just a leather recliner or looking for an entire leather furniture set, a leather gallery being online or in store will have many more choices of styles and colors.

Full fledge furniture stores, once were the leading channel for distribution for leather furniture but now specialty stores are where it’s at. When you are searching for a specific item why waste time looking around hoping you will find what you are searching for when you can cut right to the chase at a specialty store. Shopping online is even a better option for the best display and pricing on high end leather furniture. Most online retailers like Wellington’s offer free delivery anywhere in the US along with the discounted pricing. They pass their loyalty savings from their suppliers onto you, the customer.

Leather furniture collections can be found from the British pub style re-envisioned with modern, straight lines to more relaxed casual puffy soft down. There is a style for everyone weather you are searching for an entire room full of leather furniture or just an accent piece. Specially stores have those hard to find pieces along with all the best sellers. Leather sofas and loveseats, home theater, cocktail ottomans, recliners and sectional sofas are all in abundance on showroom floors and online catalogs. Since these stores sell only leather furniture products the sales staff should be on top of their game and loaded with product knowledge.

Grading Leather Hides – Leather Types and Quality

Leather Furniture ShoppingThere is a tremendous difference between leather hides. Just like a cow has beef cuts from hamburger all the way up to a nice tender filet. Leather hides vary by condition of the hide itself. You can expect while trying to find the perfect leather for your home an array of leather types and colors along with different finishes. Since leather furniture specialty stores get deeper discounts than say a department store, typically they sell higher end leathers at the same price as a non-specialty store. Upwards of 60-70% of the cost of a piece of leather furniture is in the cost of the leather cover itself. Why pay more for less quality? Use the product knowledge and the deeper discounts to your advantage buy higher end for the lower end price.

 Furniture Shopping Made Easy

Go direct to the source of the largest inventory and customer service support, a specialty store. We know that beyond the product and color customers are looking for a store with real true honest product knowledge. You will find that when you shop at specialty stores. As a high end shopper you should expect to find unexpected details to attention and much more hands on used during manufacturing. Well-made leather furniture is worth the wait for production. Those that understand handmade products appreciate and expect to wait a few weeks for long lasting perfection. After all, this purchase will be a direct reflection of you and your style. This furniture can make or break your room. The right color and style can make you room shine and give a warmth that only a well-appointed home can give. The leather smell and durability is what keeps folks returning to purchase more. Everyone knows the durability of leather. That is why we buy leather shoes, belts, coats and purses. Nothing lasts as long and wears better than genuine leather.

Leather Furniture Shopping Made Easy

Save Hundreds Specialty Furniture Shopping

Save yourself time and money while taking advantage of a large inventory of exactly what you are shopping for, no distractions. Online retailers have an advantage because they can show so much more product in one area while brick and mortar retailers have to pick and choose what products to feature in their limited space and then pay much more for rent. This cost has to be passed onto the customer. Either way, specially stores are the one stop shop for whatever you are searching for. Just think where would we be with just large box stores and warehouse clubs? No competition and very limited on higher end better made goods and products. Just as many folks feel we should buy American made products to keep American working. This is most often not the case at those types of stores. In conclusion - More variety, knowledgeable custom support and better prices is what can be expected when you shop at a specialty leather furniture shop.

Save time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars on high quality leather furniture:

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