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How to Choose the Best Leather Sofa Color for Your Living Room (2)

There is an unwritten law that says you must decorate the area around the leather sofa. That's because it is the centerpiece of your living room. Thus, the color is crucial. It has to integrate perfectly with the room.

When it comes to design, you don't really need to match absolutely everything.

Just make sure the general lines blend in harmoniously. Or just coordinate your leather sofa with the key elements of your living room.

Let's go over some of the most attractive colors available:


That is one of the most popular colors. And it is absolutely great and easy to match elements around it. Most floors have this color.

leather sofa

It doesn't have to match the floor. But the thing is, the beige leather sofa will have the same texture as the wooden floor. That will make it blend in really well.

In the above image, did you notice how the floor and the walls match the sofa? But the rest of the elements make it stand out.

The Timeless White Leather Sofa

leather sofa

Buying a sofa is a big investment - especially if it's top quality leather. Don't be scared, though.

High-quality leather is extremely durable and stands very well against the test of time. But white is a choice that doesn't leave you boxed in.

white leather sofa has one significant advantage over other colors. You can add whatever accessories suit your mood. The look will simply make you fall in love with it.


That is another color that offers a lot of flexibility. When it comes to designing your living room, this is an excellent choice. For instance, this warm color Westend sofa can be matched easily with black.

leather sofa

It also makes an excellent partner with navy, red or gray. Just make sure you don't overdo it. Also, be sure to bring in some unique elements.


Brown is a great neutral building block when it comes to design. Granted, it hasn't been so popular since gray became the new hip. It is still a beautiful color for your living room, though.

leather sofa

Here is a great example on how to decorate around a brown Georgia leather sofa.

You see, it matches the color on the walls and the floor. But, it stands out because of the color of the rug and the other decorative elements in the room.

The Elegant Black

Black has always been the best choice for an elegant design. All you need to do is make sure the rest of the room aims to highlight the sofa. Here is an excellent example, featuring a Fifth Avenue Sofa.

leather sofa

Notice how all the rest of the furniture makes the leather sofa stand out? However, the color matches the small table and the lamp. It's just an example of a simple, clean and elegant choice for your living room.

This Bold Salmon Leather Sofa

leather sofa

That is a great example of a bold design. The Stratus sofa matches very well with the decorative elements in the room. The walls and the floor make it stand out.

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