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Leather Furniture - Know What You Are Buying

Today's internet is great for most things, but in the same breath folks can read too much into things, for example leather furniture shopping.  You will notice terms like faux or imitation leather.  Also it is very likely you will see bonded, bi-cast, or durahide mentioned. Or here is a good one....genuine imitation leather.

Leather upholstery used to be a luxury item and it is now within anyone's price range. Leather sofas that price under $1000. are as common as "Everything's On Sale" sale. Box stores, you know the ones, sell leather chairs starting out around $399.This leaves furniture shoppers wondering if this is at all the real thing. Well the answer is yes and no. Like a cook might say that we are cooking bologna is "meat parts" rather than meat. Leather that is labeled "bonded" is made from "reconstituted" leather scraps that are glued to a fabric backing. Typically this leather is for people wanting quality furniture but not wanting to pay the higher price for real top grain cowhide. That brings us to vinyl. A plastic coated material that stays sticky and fades easily.

What could be trouble with some of the leather-like furniture is that consumers get more confused about how much they pay for living room furniture. A reconsituted leather couch should cost about $600. to $700. because this is such a low end fabric.

Many folks want to upgrade their furniture home without spending much money. Consumers, if its too good to be true, than it usually is! You still need a ticket to ride the train. Wellington's only sells top grain cowhide.

Wellington's Furniture gallery knows all about leather and once you answer a few questions from our staff we will be able to recommend the right leather for you and your family. We know the answers to your leather furniture questions and are there to assist you from start to finish, even after the sale.

Stores can still call any of the mentioned sub par products genuine leather, but they are not 100% top grain, which is the first cut off the hide. This first cut is also the softest and most supple. Top grain makes up more comfortable quality furniture. Here is a leather glossary that could prove helpful: 

Top Grain Leather: The top layer of the skin or hide that is most flexible making this the softest and most supple.  This can be left in its natural state called, full grain, or you can pattern or emboss.  Wellington's sells only this type of leather.

Aniline Dyed Leather: Top grain leather that is vatt dyed so the color goes all the way through to the suede.  If scratched the color is the same.  Again this will not be the case for lower end type leathers.  All of the leathers at Fine Leather Furniture are Aniline Dyed.

Split Grain: The second layer underneath the top grain.  Not as soft.  Usually used for shoe soles or belts.  

Reconstituted: A manufactures term for bonded leather.  

Bonded Leather: A leather like product pressed together made from real leather scraps and glued onto polyurethane or cotton layers.  

Durahide: A brand name for a bonded leather.

Faux: An imitation leather or vinyl.

Bi-Cast: A split leather that is sprayed with a polyurethane top coat.  

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