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Leather furniture color trends….What’s ahead for 2015

Brown leather still dominates, but other colors are moving up. Leather suppliers try to keep the most popular shades of leather in stock for furniture manufactures. For years now these have been different variations of browns but as of late they are beginning to bring red and gray into the stocked inventory as retailers are seeing a study incline in sales of these colors. While no one is predicting that brown is about to be unseated from the top spot, many believe these alternative colors will continue to chip away at browns popularity.

Soft, warm leather colors and a few brighter shades are making headway

Leather furniture does not need to be masculine. There are plenty of soft warm colors to choose from although they are not as popular as the many shades of brown. Carroll Leather, headquartered in Boone, NC, a leading leather supplier for several leather furniture manufactures says leathers in shades of red and burgundy sold extremely well in 2014, accounting for 12% of the supplier’s sales. Gray meanwhile, accounted for 8% while another 5% of sales were in blue, and various neutral shades accounted for 26% of the total.

Leather colors and textures what’s ahead for 2015

Living spaces are defined by color and textures, they create a mood. Colors other than brown must be introduced to keep the room in balance. Gray is just starting to trend. It’s cool and easily accessorized with and can be warmed up easily. Color trends are frequently influenced by designers of apparel and handbags, but designers also are influenced by draperies and bedding. Keep an eye on greens for 2015, they also appear to be on the move up the popularity charts. Emerald green is out while softer moss greens and silvery greens are more in step with the colors of accessories that are in style. Expect furniture showrooms to stock more exciting colors other than browns. Leathercraft Furniture for instance displayed many other colors besides browns with their offering of embossed textured patterns and more contemporary colors in their furniture showroom in High Point, NC at the International home furnishings market. The look was upbeat and refreshing and rather mood lifting.

Leather fabric combinations used on furniture sets are on the rise

You will also begin to see more fabric used with leathers in leather furniture galleries. Some would think that perhaps this might lower the price of a leather furniture set or a leather chair or even a sleeper sofa but this is not necessarily the case. High end leather furniture manufactures have chosen to marry up the fabrics in the same class or grade as the leather keeping their product on the higher end scale. Leather far outlasts fabric so using a lower end fabric just doesn’t make good sense. So you will notice the price on these leather sectionals or even cocktail ottoman does not drop by upholstering some of the furniture frame with fabric. This is just another way to compliment your leather sofa.

Leather Furniture Trends for 2015

The best place to use the fabric would be on an out arm our out back. Keep the leather on the seating surface and most anywhere you can touch. These areas see more wear and since leather is more durable than upholstery the high use part of the furniture is where the leather should be applied. Also, leather is just more comfortable to sit on. If you choose to use upholstery on the seat or back just make sure you select one that is equal in quality to the leather. If there is welting on the cushions you can add the leather there, this will bring the two together even more. Keeping in mind leather furniture lasts a really long time so make sure the color you choose for your new living room furniture is one you like now and won’t be dated in just a few years. The same thought should go into your fabric selection. Furniture shopping should be a fun project, not a stress maker.  


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