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Leather Is Durable Furniture Upholstery

We all know that leather far outlasts fabric for upholstering furniture. Leather is the strongest sheet material known to man and the perfect cover for easy cleaning and is also allergy free. Consumers are choosing more of this upholstery for their homes today because leathers are more durable and stain resistant along with the stylish beautiful colors being offered; this is according to several tanneries. Leather is the perfect upholstery for active families with pets. Leather furniture works in most any space whether you choose to do your entire living room with durable leather or just use it on an accent piece, every room needs leather furniture somewhere. This is often the recommendation by those who work in the design field. Every room needs something black to ground it.  It does not necessarily have to be a lot of black, but just a touch.

Cowhide for Every Budget and Style

You understand the luxury and durability of leather if you have ever had it in your car. You initially pay a little more for it but you know it’s well worth it in the end. The easy upkeep, no stains or smells and the leather is still soft and supple under extreme heat and cold conditions. People want this same type of durability in their homes and offices and through discounters like Wellingtons they make fine leather furniture affordable to the masses. Leather upholstery is not a fad, but rather a logical evolution that has been around since the Stone Age. We as consumers live on our furniture and why spend money to replace it every few years. Buy it right and you can expect leather furniture to last decades. I mean 100% top grain leather everywhere. Not imitation or vinyl or even a split hide but true 100% genuine cowhide leather. Leathers have been engineered to look like fabric prints, reptiles and even hand tolled looks in leather. Genuine leather promotes a healthier lifestyle for those with allergies

Top Grain Leather Provides Comfort and Durability

Historically leather has been reserved for those with higher means and wealth, but not anymore. With the high demand for beef the price of the leather hides has dropped allowing genuine leather to be more affordable to a larger group of consumers. Breakthroughs in technology and a broader range of hides from around the world the possibilities are endless for styles and colors of leathers for upholstering furniture. Today’s market demands a decorative mix of products that work together. The leather market has done a great job of following these trends. Leather never goes out of style weather it is being used on furniture or for fashion. There is nothing better for women than that perfect leather bag or the perfect fitting leather shoe and for driving or working construction outdoors leather gloves are a must. When you think about it, leather is a huge part of all of our lives without even thinking about it. My daughter has a heated steering wheel on her new car and it is covered in leather, it feels great on cold days to heat up the leather and drive with your hands warm and cozy, you can expect the same with your furniture. It is simply the feeling of comfort and coziness.

Leather is easy to clean

Mix and Match with Your Leather Furniture

Leather sofa colors run from upbeat high fashion to saddle colors of browns and earth tones. Top grain leather will mix with textures, rayon stripes, cotton and even bright bold florals. Some of today’s trends include metallic looks and leathers are now being offered with the more contemporary looks for a more casual lifestyle. The outcome is all of these categories of leathers are considered to have a high durability rating. Beautiful aniline dyed leather often is able to perform like fully finished leather with today’s addition of stain fighters during the tanning process. Because of this more stubborn staining agents like red wine or even pizza can now just be wiped off with no lasting affect to your leather sofa or chair. This also opens up the color palette to all the lighter colors that many people typically shy away from. You will notice in online showrooms or in retail showrooms lighter brighter bolder fun colors of leather being used on sectionals sofas and leather recliners alike. These new fun leather colors are being passed down in the hues being offered in floor rugs and even throw pillows used as accessories on leather furniture. People understand trends and can jump into them full force or pick and choose what works best for their space. I suggest folks looking for leather to buy the color they like now and will like in several years because well made in America leather furniture will last much longer than trends, so buy your favorite color. Its good start with the leather pieces first when decorating because these will be the seating that will last the longest. I find when talking to people that have leather and appreciate it, that they move it from room to room or hand it down because it never wears out. If you ride a Harley or horses you know once you find a saddle that fits you perfect you are not giving it up easy the same goes for your leather furniture it takes on your shape and gets better with use. The leather industry is growing by leaps and bounds and it has grown from just browns and neutrals into fresh colors of deep indigo, ivory and spicy mango colors. High demand and a more educated customer have allowed leather furniture to remain one of the top sellers in the furniture industry. Simply stated, leather furniture is a friendly choice for any household.

Leather For Every Room

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