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Outrageously Popular Leather Colors

Since the beginning of 2015 the furniture industry has seen some changes in color trends for furniture and accessories. We started the year with more interest in grays, blues and reds but now half way through 2015 we are seeing much more interest in the orange and brighter yellows and colors of the sea. These color choices work very well with lots of textures and patterns. Florals contain many of these vibrant colors and they complement each other. Brown is still king when it comes to leather furniture upholstery but the leather tanneries just keep adding new colors to choose from. Many of these trending colors are available in a lower price point, these leathers are also cleanable. Although aniline dyed they do have a protective surface which allows them to be cleaned with a mild soap and water. As a consumer you will notice through online and brick and mortar stores strips and patterns including some of these fresh fun colors to their new prints and solids.

A Great Mix in Furniture Fashion

The market place has shown a great mix of new introductions in metallic leathers, corals and every blue and green you find in the sea. Also, hitting the scene this year are added textures to these new colors of leather. For consideration while browsing you will see embossed patterns and many softer more supple hands. Some of the higher end leather tanneries are even offering these new spunky colors in heavy weight leathers for the higher end customer. The tanneries have something for everyone. Each leather furniture manufacturer can pick and choose the colors of leather they offer on their leather furniture line. Companies such as Leathercraft do a great job of offering a little bit in each new category to their broad design clientele. While other leather furniture manufacturers stick on the safer side with the colors they choose to offer. Palliser being more of a transitional into contemporary line chooses the lower end leathers that offer the highest degree of protection for their leather line. Omnia has a great sense of style and color. They choose leathers with prints, patterns and solids that work with their upholstery fabrics to complement each collection. Whether you are searching for traditional primary colors or trending pastels this is your year to buy leather furniture.

Popular Leather Colors

New Looks in Living Room Furniture

Textures and solids can mix really well if you do it right. Consider using a little bit of each when outfitting your living room with new furniture. Leather can be pretty and fun to decorate around if you put some thought into it and accessorize. Mixing stripes, plaids and florals only adds to the beauty of leather furniture. Moore and Giles a leather tannery based in North Carolina does a great job of stocking these gorgeous new colors in their warehouse in Conover , NC this allows US based leather furniture manufactures to pull from their stock and get special orders manufactured fast. A lot of these new colors that are so popular today are actually inspired from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Yes even the famous olive green and golds that were once so popular on kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. Like everything else these colors are back and really back! Furniture manufacturers along with tanneries conduct extensive research to see what folks are looking for and what’s mixing with traditional and modern styles in today’s market place. So you can expect to see 50 shades of gray all the blues and greens in the sea plus pretty pales and sexy doodles of colors to come in the second half of 2015. 

New Looks In Living Room Furntiure

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