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Living Room Design - Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas made from genuine leather are always a great choice for large families and family rooms. Sectional sofas are known for their diversity. Modular seating varieties are made for sprawling out with family and friends. Whether you choose motion or a stationary modular sectional sofa their popularity continues to grow among all age groups. Sectionals are found in many basements, media rooms or even more often used in dens and as living room furniture. Sectionals are the perfect way to utilize and maximize your space. This leather seating is diverse and a favorite lounging furniture. Leather sectionals are available in many shapes and sizes. If your room is designed to hold a sectional then go ahead and do it. Sectionals are customized to your space and taste. Online resources and showrooms are a great way to achieve the largest variety and save hundreds of dollars.

Sectional Sofa

Leather Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are extremely versatile and a picture-perfect way to utilize your main living space. You can find styles that range from a southwestern look into a contemporary flare and more often you will find a traditional leather sectional sofa with tons of options. Sectionals are awesome because they have so many pieces that you can usually fit into most any space. You can use an L shaped corner to actually fit into a corner of your room, this helps utilize all of your wall space. This corner seat is not the most comfortable seat because your feet will not touch the ground but it is great space filler and as mentioned it will fit flush into the corner of your living space. A curved corner or a more round wedge also works into the corner of your room but you will have a gap between the wall and the wedge, it does not fit tight into the wall like the L shape corner. A curved wedge does however work as an additional seat. Depending on the size you can comfortably seat 1 – 2 people on a corner wedge. This is a great spot for folks that like to sit curled up, it is so very comfortable for doing just that.

Leather sectional sofas also make the perfect room divider. Free floating sectionals are just as popular as those used against a wall. Most all leather sectional sofas these days are finished on the back side in a fashion that is good enough to use these pieces free floating, neat and with seams every couple feet. Sectional sofas are so versatile and functional. It brings people together while providing more seating than just a sofa and loveseat can.

Leather Sectional Sofa

How To Measure For A Sectional Sofa

Before you even begin the process of considering a sectional sofa measure the space you are trying to fill. Do this with the aid of a tape measure and then you can do it again by cutting out cardboard to the dimensions and placing them on the floor for a visual. Then you can begin to shop for the perfect style of leather sectional sofa. Published dimensions from manufactures are provided from the outside widest point. The outside dimensions are actually the floor space required to place the sectional pieces. So your goal should be while shopping around is looking for pieces that fit close to the dimensions you prefer. Begin with a goal. What is the most important thing to you about buying new furniture? Is it how many seats you can fit in the area? Count your family members that live at home then you will know how many seats you need for just them, then think about company. Now that you are thinking about company think about an extra bed. Do you need additional sleep accommodations for company? If so, then a leather sectional is a good place to add that. Many styles have sectional pieces that have mattress sizes from twin all the way to a king. Also fold out beds have mattress options from a regular innerspring to an air mattress to a memory foam option. These are all good things to consider when buying a leather sectional sofa. Once you determine importance, size and general style it time to go shopping. Whether you are traveling showroom to showroom or online sectionals are ordered facing. This is standard throughout the furniture world. So say your sectional will not be equal on each side. You have a loveseat with one arm which is two seats on one side of a corner and sofa which contains 3 seats on the other side. The shorter side the loveseat will be on the left when you stand in front of the empty space so the loveseat would be a left facing loveseat and your sofa is a right facing sofa. This is how it will appear. L/R facing. Meaning left/right facing. It is very important when ordered that it is done facing because if the sides are not equal they will be opposite of what you actually need. When measuring for your new living room furniture L shaped corners and curved corners are both measured from the middle in each direction that will give you the dimension of floor space required to accommodate that particular piece of furniture. Also it is important to remember that if you are considering a motion piece to be included in your sectional sofa remember you need room to pull out a bed and room to recline a recliner. Some recliners are considered wall huggers while others will be free floating in your room. With motion included in your sectional you should not plan on a coffee table, unless you are willing to move it each time you open your leather recliner or sofa bed. Use your imagination and remember there will be other things within the same space other than this sectional sofa piece. If you are not good at visualizing seek design help. Wellington’s offers this service for free. Your goal as the homeowner should be to get the biggest bang for your buck. Figure out what is the most important thing you are looking for in a new leather sectional, its placement and how your room can work in harmony with this unique piece of furniture. Weather this will be used in your main living room or den it’s important to make the most of your floor space. 

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