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Mix and Match Leather Dining Room Chairs and Bar Stools Like a Pro

Leather Bar Stools and Chairs

Open concept homes are wonderful. They make even the smallest spaces seem spacious.  

As wonderful as they are, though, this design can lead to some decorating hiccups. For example, what are you supposed to do if your dining room and kitchen are next to each other in an open space?

That’s easy – mix and match your leather dining room chairs and kitchen bar stools. 

Why You Should Embrace Mixing and Matching

If you’re a design purist, the idea of mixing and matching might make you feel like you’re going to break out in hives. Take a breath. When done right, mixing and matching can make your space look phenomenal. 

Mixing your leather dining room chairs and bar stools can be a defining feature in your home, breaking up the space between your kitchen and dining room without needing a wall. 

Seeing the contrast between stools and chairs can create an interesting focal point, as well. This is especially true when you invest in gorgeous leather pieces your friends and family will ask about. 

How to Mix and Match Dining Room Chairs and Bar Stools

When most people think about mixing and matching, they often think in terms of fabric designs. But you can mix and match in other ways, like with the type of seating you use in an open space. 

What can you do to ensure your mixing and matching evolves into something gorgeous as opposed to a mismatched mess? Here are some tips. 

Same Design with a Different Material

A fun way to add some contrast is to use different materials. There are a few ways to do this. You can choose materials that:  

  • Have similar colors but different textures
  • Have similar textures but different pattern/design
  • Are completely different 

The key with this mix and match styling is you want to keep the bar stool and chair designs (frames) the same.

Similar Styles with a Different Design

You can choose bar stools and chairs which have different materials, finishes and designs yet keep your look cohesive by sticking to similar styles. Look at your home. Do you have some natural wood elements which are reminiscent of farmhouse chic, as well as some metal pieces or features? 

If so, you’ve already started to mix and match: Farmhouse and industrial. In this case, you can mix in leather dining room chairs and barstools which are completely different except for a similar industrial design, like industrial metal frames.  

Same Material with a Different Design 

Matching your materials means you would invest in: 

  • Leather bar stools and leather dining room chairs
  • Wood/wicker bar stools and wood/wicker chairs
  • Metal framed stools and chairs with cushions

When the materials match, you can afford to choose interesting design combinations. If you want to be a little more matchy-matchy, you can keep the design different, while keeping the material and color the same. For instance, you can choose a warm mustard yellow leather material for both your bar stools and chairs, then mix things up with different design elements. 

Same Finish with a Different Design

Similar to the previous point, you’ll want your wood or metal frame to match in terms of their finishes. For example, you can choose a dining room chair with a mahogany wood frame covered with a cream-colored leather. Your bar stool can have the same mahogany wood frame but covered in a different color/texture. 

Don’t Give Up – It Just Takes a Bit of Practice

The first time you try to mix and match, you might not like the end result. That’s ok – play around with things until you get a look you love.

To save time, money, and frustration, download a home design app and try some virtual mixing and matching. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro and be ready to put your newfound design prowess to work in your own home. 

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